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inspirational quotes
Inspirational Quotes
Vernon Howard
“If I don’t have a compulsive need to appear successful, what do I care if you make more money than I? If I have no unhealthy attraction to shallow social functions, does it bother me if I get no invitations? If I have freedom from fearful dependency upon persons and objects, will I be pained if you no longer wish to be my friend? If my artificial needs fall away through self-insight, do I need to think about these things at all?
No. If my false sense of “I” has dissolved, who is there to suffer or complain?”
“True independence comes when we cease to force and start to flow. The truly independent person knows and lives with cosmic laws, which release him from cramping human codes.”
“You are saved when you invite spiritual perception, which will give you spiritual renewal. The discovery being that truth, God, resides above the way your mind operates in opposites. You rise above the opposites, and truth is there. Your true nature is above your mind.
Eventually you won’t think about spirituality. You will know it, you will have it, and you will live it.”
“I will explain to you why you’re not happy, why you’re not carefree.
It’s because you’re trying to collect things. You’re a collector, and you think that every time you get one of those objects that you desire so fervently it adds something to you, to your security.
Well, I would guess that if you take paper and pencil and write down all the things you’ve acquired — friends, romances, exciting occasions, physical objects — it would number in the thousands, wouldn’t it, tens of thousands of things you have possessed for a few seconds or maybe several years. Maybe you’ve had that house for 50 years, for example.
How come you’re still worried?”
“The truth inspires because it connects what is real in you with what is real in the universe.”
“Your life belongs to you, not to the demands of others, and when you see this fully, their demands are powerless.”
“If you have no false notions to defend, who can offend you?”
On a piece of paper write, “What I do when I am scared.” Then list numerically what you do. Keep it simple. Write down everything you remember. This includes all the centers: physical, mental, emotional and the sex center.
For example: 1. I get tense, 2. I get anxious, 3. I get jealous, or 4. I retreat.
The longer the list, the better work you are doing and the more you know about the machine. With that knowledge, something higher than the machine will repair it for you.”
“First I am one with my sickness. Then I stand apart and see my sickness. Then I am one with my wholeness.”
“An awakened man has no enemies; even if he has enemies.”
“Awareness is knowing that you don’t know what you are doing.
“You can either think about yourself or you can study yourself. The difference between the two is the difference between chains and liberty.”
“Thoughts go out and seek what is identical to them.”
“Like a thermometer people’s feelings rise or fall according to the social atmosphere. Never living from themselves, they remain at the mercy of exterior events. Everything outside tells them how to feel inside. They are slaves to bad news, or an angry look, or an unexpected change of plans. And, of course, the more a man is influenced by exterior events, the more he will angrily insist that no one tells him what to do.
It is not necessary to live like a mindless thermometer. Any man can learn to live from himself."
“Man’s life on earth is what it is because he spends almost every moment of his life trying to cover up his anxieties instead of understanding and dissolving them.”
“Few people ever really realize the following fact: Insecurity is a mental condition, not a condition of finances, friendships or sex. The few who do realize this can start the interesting journey that ends beyond ordinary mental conditions, where true security resides.”
“Cosmic wisdom reveals why unhappy events happen, after which they cease to happen.”
“If truth is leading you, it will also make decisions for you. And since these decisions are right, they will also make you feel right.
So what does it mean if you are still using your usual mind to make your own strained decisions? It means you are not yet taking your decisions from the available cosmic compass.
Remember that truth will never lead you into a circumstance without also showing you exactly what to do while within it. It is truth’s very nature to reveal clearly to you your needful actions. It is impossible for truth to abandon you. If you feel abandoned, you should see that you have carelessly led yourself into the circumstance.
This insight allows the cosmic compass to correct your life-direction.”
“The man who needs to be accepted by others still lives under several wrong impressions. He still thinks there is value in self-pleasing human associations and in reassuring words which come from people who appear self-assured. He still thinks he can escape the agony of his own emptiness by filling it with the neurotic noise of society.
The awakened man has no attachment to the opposite terms of “acceptance” and “rejection”. Living above mere words, he comes and goes among people in a quiet contentment which is unknown by those who still seek acceptance.”
"You might be in the company of people when something is done or said that irritates you. You alertly watch the irritation as it rises and churns within. By appearing before the power of your awareness, its pseudo-power is weakened."
“No one loves me? What has that to do with me?”
"There is no one in the entire world who condemns you. You yourself are the only person who condemns you - and pointlessly.
In reality, there is no condemnation whatever, but, as long as you think there is, you ache. Not only that, but a man dwelling with the illusion of self-condemnation is compulsively driven to do things that increase the illusion.
There is no man, nor god, nor past experience to condemn you. You are free and you are free right now. Will you try to see this?"
Sai Baba
“Each one of you has a unique and valuable part to play in this lifetime.
The time is fast approaching when all humanity will live in harmony.
Be prepared for it, as its beauty is magnificent and beyond all dreams.
Your breath will carry the scents of the blossoms of heaven.
Your example will be that of Angels.
Your joy will be my joy.”                   - (Sai Baba Dec 2008)
“Life is love, share it.
Life is a dream, realize it.
Life is a challenge, meet it.
Life is game, play it.”
“The world is like a hotel to which we have come to experience the consequences of our actions in the past.”
“The body is the cocoon you have spun around yourself by means of your impulses and desires.
Use it to grow wings so that you can escape from it!”
“To know existence, you have to transform the self into a mirror. The shadows of your thoughts distort your mind. But as thoughts subside and the mind becomes empty the mirror that is capable of reflecting the truth is suddenly there.”
“There is no greater affliction than trying to become what you are not. Although this desire has no end to it and offers no fulfillment whatsoever, the majority of people do succeed in their attempts to appear different from what they are.
"I do not ask you to believe in others. That is only the result of a lack of belief in yourself."
Eckhart Tolle
“Not to be able to stop thinking is a dreadful affliction, but we don’t realise this because almost everybody is suffering from it, so it is considered normal.”
“The more attention you give to the past, the more you energise it, and the more likely you are to make a ‘self’ out of it.”
“When you watch a thought it loses its power over you and quickly subsides, because you are no longer energising the mind through identification with it.”
Sri Yogendra
“For those people who know where they are going, the world makes way for them.”
“No-one should ever have blind faith - it makes you blind.”
“Before we are fit to love, in the true sense, we must be aware and without desire or need of love. For it is at this point of not looking for love that we find the security and confidence to really love.”
“The mind creates for us the problems we need to experience for our own growth.”
“Whatever is taken away from you is temporary and transient. Lost material possessions only leave you with the permanent.”
“When we consider humanity as a whole, patriotism begins to look like selfish enthusiasm.”
Dan Millman
“Mind is an illusory reflection of cerebral fidgeting. It comprises all the random, uncontrolled thoughts that bubble into awareness from the subconscious.
Consciousness is not mind. Mind is an obstruction, an aggravation. It is a kind of evolutionary mistake in the human being, a primal weakness in the human experiment.”
“You still believe you are your thoughts and defend them as if they were treasures.”
“Life is an illusion, nothing more than a humorous incident when consciousness had forgotten itself.”
Ajay Kapoor
“When one becomes a detached witness to the afflictions of the body, they no longer remain afflictions. If one resists them that is the actual affliction.”
“Having desires is not a sufficient reason for the fulfilment of those desires. But it is a sufficient reason for the mind to get restless.
There is another possibility that one remains equanimous in all situations and at the same time work with enthusiasm for a cause; for righteousness. One gives one's life a beautiful direction, and remains balanced in whatever the outcome is.”
“Expectations are the main cause of misery in relationships. They don't allow the blossoming of acceptance, which is a necessary pre-requisite for peace.”
“In order to remove the illusions of understanding, deep inquiry is a very strong tool. The student first needs to detach himself from the restlessness of his mind and find out the roots of where all his inner noise is coming.”
“Your disturbances are due to your attachments. Your disturbances are not accidental in nature, you are unconsciously choosing to have them.”
More Vernon Howard
“What do the great teachers mean by saying man is asleep? It is very simple. To be asleep means to suffer, to be burdened by hidden fears and conflicts, to not live from one’s own pure nature, but to slavishly imitate foolish public customs.
To be awake means to have a free and spontaneous spirit, to be one with universal laws and therefore opposed by nothing, to see life as it truly is, and to know that all is well.”
“A reminder: You are not here on earth to live up to the expectations of others. You are here to develop into a whole and happy human being.”
“When I tell you that I don't want to do something that you want me to do, that settles the matter once and for all. I am not required to explain to you why I don't want to do it and I won't."
"Why do you feel so insecure? Because you have so many securities, like friends and activities, which you sense are impermanent. These are mere beliefs about security, not security itself. You are permanently secure when you have no securities, simply because you have nothing to be insecure about."
"God will not compete with your sickness. God wants you 100% well and he will not settle for anything less."
"Starting now, never again permit hard or disapproving facial expressions to intimidate you."
“Real spiritual progress reveals itself in less gloom each day, less boredom, less loneliness.”
“Whatever is unnatural is unnecessary. Fear is unnatural and therefore unnecessary.”
"The reason a teacher can help others is because his insight is not blocked by society's labels and titles and reputations. He never sees a famous statesman or a wealthy businessman or a glamorous woman. He sees straight through human labels, as if through glass, to see the inner person himself - and what he sees is a frightened and confused human being. If that frightened person is ready, the teacher can help him."
"Here is a principle which will keep you standing in the right place. Whenever you do not know what to do about something, simply be aware that you do not know, and do nothing else.
Be aware of your condition, perhaps agitation or displeasure, and stop right there. Never mind if this does not seem like the right response. Never mind if you can't see how this can solve that financial problem or that domestic difficulty.
Unawareness of the whole picture is the only problem, so awareness is the only right action. Prove its rightness for yourself."
"I will give you a silver rule - Watch alertly what society does and do the exact opposite."
"Living from your real nature is the same as doing something worthwhile with your life."
"If I asked you if it's right or wrong to hurt another person, you'd say, 'No, it's not right to hurt another person.' Apply this to yourself."
"A man may wonder how his awakened mind will handle the daily events which now bother him.
In an awakened state he will not find himself in many of the usual bothersome situations, for it was his hypnotized mind which attracted the events in the first place. Other events do not become problems because his new mind does not see them as problems.
A free mind has no enemies and therefore nothing to fight. The conscious mind knows the secret of living impersonally. Think about this phrase."
"When someone behaves badly toward you he tends to avoid you, for you remind him of his weakness."
"A businessman was pressured into accepting a role in a play presented by a community drama group. Later, when regretting his weakness in accepting, he politely dropped out. Do not let others cast you in the role they want you to play for their personal benefit. Many who play the roles of protective friends or helpful neighbors wish they had not accepted the script handed them. Be aware of this subtle trick and refuse it. Your life is yours."
“You need not:
Seek love
Defend yourself against anything
Have any self concern
Be noticed
Be what is called a spiritual person
Anxiously hope for anything
Be considered nice by others
Have security
Plan tomorrow’s happiness
Have success on the human level of success”
"Don't label experiences as being painful. Withdraw the label and you withdraw the pain."
"A hostile person fears the hostility of others."
"The whole world is utterly impractical. Millions and millions of human beings chasing around thinking that they're being practical when all their minds are on all day long is making money, winning ego-victories, protecting themselves from a world they fear. Not seeing, by the way, that they're really fearing the world inside of them. And when you get rid of the fear of yourself you don't fear the world out there because they're both the same thing."
"Guilty self-condemnation is wrong, while a simple awareness of being wrong is right."
“There is never a need for you to feel sad over anything.”

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