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Guido Grzinic

I have created this website as a way of sharing ideas and knowledge that are not part of mainstream thought at present time.
Although I studied and graduated as a scientist (Ph.D. in Physics) I have always been interested in alternative systems of knowledge not normally found in conservative establishments.
The scientific information was useful and interesting up to a point, however it was unable to answer the more important and interesting questions about life. Such as, where do we come from, what is the purpose of life, what is the underlying nature of our being and the universe in which we find ourselves.

So I started my search for alternative sources of knowledge which led me to places like India in search of enlightened masters, such as Sai Baba, Osho. I investigated the eastern philosophies which made more sense to me than either science or conventional religion.
I have studied and practice Astrology and Yoga. I have looked into esoteric knowledge, including channeled information which seemed to hit the mark. I read about people who have had other dimensional experiences such as astral travel, people who remembered their past lives and whose information was able to be verified, etc.
There is a lot more out there than we are led to believe.

Everyone has to decide for themselves what to accept and what to dismiss. However one cannot decide without investigating for oneself with an open mind. And that journey starts with the willingness to venture beyond the safety of conventional beliefs.

I wish you well on your journey.

Olgaa Fienco


I am a Melbourne/Australian native and have always been interested in "spiritual" and metaphysical pursuits. My understanding and thirst for more insight into the "unknown" led me to ask deep questions about life and wondered, like most of us, what is our purpose here.

My first interest growing up was in Astrology. This led me to a deeper understanding of myself and others. This in turn introduced me to Gestalt Therapy with Astrologer Harry Achilleos, which led to deep intense experiences that opened my eyes to the many layers that exist within the psyche. I was also introduced to Siddha Yoga by Harry.
I continued my Astrological studies for a number of years and began to do interpretations for people.

Still searching and not completely fulfilled, I sought the advice of many clairvoyants, astrologers, numerologists. Still there was a void within.
Not knowing yet what my path was, I continued searching and discovered Massage and Reiki. For a period I had my own Astrology, Massage and Reiki business.

My experience with Reiki initiated in me the ability to channel. In 2000 I would give my friends Reiki sessions and information would pour forth without too much effort. Feeling this was a new found gift, I continued to channel and receive information.
Consequently through word of mouth I have helped many people with messages from the "other realms", including through Spirit Guide Drawings.

I am also a singer, songwriter and entertainer. This is one of the gifts I have been given along with the channeling.
I believe my path is to be in service through creativity and inspiration.

I hope you will find some comfort through these pages.

Best wishes