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Spiritual   Large site containing all things spiritual.   Site devoted to Sathya Sai Baba. A God realised being who shows us what is possible to the human.   Site devoted to the teachings of Osho Rajneesh. A beautiful self realised being whose discourses penetrate the veils of illusion.   A site devoted to the work of Amma. A wonderful soul who shows us the meaning of selfless love, compassion and service.    Site dedicated to the work of Vernon Howard. A wonderfully insightful author who is able to express in simple terms the causes and remedies for man's suffering.    Site dedicated to the mystic Eckhart Tolle. He has a deep insight into the nature of reality and offers practical advice that everyone can benefit from.   A directory of spiritually related sites.   A large directory of spiritually based resources.   An organization that is helping to spread unconditional love in the world.   Website of Enlightened Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda.    Channeled information and spiritual new age wisdom from Roy Klienwachter. It contains many articles of a spiritual nature.

Mysteries & Wonders   A lot of nice pictures of the amazing universe we inhabit - as seen from by the Hubble telescope.   The Nine Planets website. A multimedia tour of the solar system.   Site cataloging many unusual and unexplained phenomena, including numerous photographs.   Site devoted to the crop circle phenomenon. Beautiful designs by our cosmic artists.

Alternative News & Views   Coast to Coast AM. The alternative news website.   Richard Hoagland site which presents some interesting views on what is really going on.   A site, connected to the Nexus magazine, that covers all things alternative.   Tired of all the negativity and sensationalism that is an integral part of most news services? Check out this site for some good news stories happening around the world.   Australian website broadcasting interviews with interesting people in the alternative movement.   Project Camelot website. Interesting interviews with insiders and whistle blowers covering such things as UFO's, secret government and societies, antigravity, conspiracies, etc.
UFO Video  One of the best video recordings of a UFO sighting we have come across. This was taken over Mexico City with hundreds of eye witnesses.   Make your own UFO craft! This site provides technical information on electro-gravitic and other technologies taken from expired patents.  The Zeitgeist Movement website. A global movement of people dedicated to changing society from one based on greed and competition, especially as is practiced in the corporate and financial systems, to one based on care for one another and the environment.
See also their free movie website Very revealing in terms of what is actually going on behind the scenes!   Australian alternative news radio website.   Mutual UFO Network. Dedicated to Scientific Study of UFOs.   Reliable, verifiable information on major cover-ups, and a call to work together for the good of all.

New Age   A large directory of new age resources. Includes articles and channeled messages from various sources.   An online store providing holistic new age products and services.
Brother Veritus   A repository of Spiritual Knowledge for the Age of Aquarius. Great website containing a lot of information and articles on new age topics.  Richard Donald's website covering sacred science and esoteric knowledge.   University of Metaphysical Sciences, a non profit organization offering courses and degrees in metaphysics. It also contains many articles of a metaphysical nature.   World peace initiative. An internet broadcasting system whose purpose is to activate a global culture of peace, wisdom and sustainability.
Spirit of Oz   An Australian Psychic Directory with direct contact details for Clairvoyants, Mediums and Tarot Readers.
Healing Crystals   Metaphysical Crystal Shop selling healing crystals at discount prices.
Explore Meditation   Guided Meditation MP3 downloads and Techniques for Spiritual Growth.
Dowsing Charts   A useful resource for those interested in dowsing.   Site devoted to the works of master Hilarion as channeled by Jon C. Fox.

Earth News   A non profit organisation providing resources and information for those who care about our environment.   The website of the David Suzuki Foundation. An organization doing its best to save us from ourselves.   Low Cost Housing International's website. They provide good quality, environmentally friendly, low cost housing.   A group that is doing it's best to help mother earth.   Earth Files website. Latest updates in earth and astronomical mysteries.   For details of what is happening in our skies. It has some nice images of the aurora lights.

Health   A site that takes a holistic and spiritual approach to health.   Site containing a lot of useful information about health and alternative treatments.   A world wide directory of alternative health practitioners.   Website that presents alternatives to the orthodox approach for treating various stages of cancer. Contains quite a lot of useful information.
Vegetarian Society   Educational charity supporting vegetarian lifestyles.   Citizens supporting and promoting natural health reform.
VAXXED The Movie   Important information about the toxicity of vaccines.
Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions   Important information about the toxicity of dental amalgams.
Yoga Retreat & Vacation, Detox - Yoga teacher training   Spiritual healing, Yoga retreat and vacation, health, spas, resorts, meditation, holistic therapies.   Presents a new healing system for chronic illness based on a scalar energy approach.   The world's largest evidence-based Natural Medical Database.
Medical Malpractice Help   Help for people who have been victims of medical malpractice.
Drug Dangers   Site that catalogs the side effects of some of the worst modern medical drugs.
Consumer Justice Foundation   An organization dedicated to protecting the rights of consumers who have been harmed by dangerous pharmaceutical drugs or defective consumer products.
Medical Malpractice Center   Site dedicated to providing vital information, tips, and resources to individuals and family members affected by medical negligence.
Pharma Death Clock   Catalogs the number of deaths caused by the pharmacutical industry, with references to data sources.

Art & Music   Website of the Synchronicity organisation, founded by Master Charles. A modern master who facilitates meditation through music.    The beautiful art of Jonathon Earl Bowser.
Sundram Studios   The magical art of Steve Sundram. A Hawaiian artist with a strong connection to the sea.   Some lovely mandalas by Barry Stevens.