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Holistic Health

Here we take a holistic perspective on health that incorporates the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual aspects.

We also want to bring to people's attention alternative treatments and natural approaches that have proven to be successful where conventional medicine has either failed or been inadequate.
We also look at NDE's.

The Holistic Approach

Conventional medicine treats people as if they were machines. If a car breaks down the mechanic will work out which part is broken and then fix (treat) that part. This works fine for machines but not as well for humans.
Human beings are intricate living organisms consisting not only of the physical but the mental/emotional and spiritual aspects as well. How a person thinks can have just as much impact on a person's health as the physical influences.
Unless the deeper causes of illnesses are looked at as part of the treatment any 'fixing' of the physical will usually only be temporary as one is treating symptoms rather than underlying causes. Symptoms are the body's way of telling us there is a deeper problem that needs to be looked at.
Those that have looked into the matter deeply say that our health can even be influenced by seeds planted in past lives.
This makes sense if we accept that our thoughts/emotions follow patterns that have been set up in previous lives. Unresolved issues/traumas from past lives can and do influence our current thoughts/emotions which in turn affect our health.
We will look at these issues more closely in the next section.

The most successful treatment methodology is one that incorporates a holistic approach, integrating the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual aspects.
We have already seen the rise in popularity of the more holistic eastern traditions, such as Chinese medicine.
A particularly good example of a holistic approach is traditional Yoga in which all the above aspects are catered for. It involves physical practices, breathing techniques, meditation and spiritual understanding leading to a balanced, stress free and creative lifestyle.

Spiritual, Mental/Emotional Influences

Potentially, the biggest influence on a person's health is the spiritual aspect. That is, patterns of thought and/or traumas brought over from past lives, over and above the current life ones.
There is direct evidence for this with the research of Dr. Ian Stevenson into reincarnation, see (
Some of these past patterns and traumas can be ascertained from a person's astrology chart. We learn from channeled information about astrology that the 12th house for example points to influences of a psychological nature that are carried over, in the subconscious, from the very last life.
Other planetary placements and aspects can indicate conflicting energies within the psyche. These influences can make themselves felt during particular planetary transits.
Success in matching the patterns seen in the people's birthchart to their real life experiences lends weight to this proposition.

In particular negative thought patterns or emotions, either from past lives or childhood experiences, can be detrimental to human health. Such things as anger, resentment, worry, fear, competition, intolerance, sadness, self doubt, etc, drain us of energy and put a stress on the body and in particular the immune system.
It has been shown that anger for example creates acidity in the body which as discussed in the next section promotes disease.
Also, most of us will have at some stage felt the 'knot' in the stomach region as a result of excessive worry or anxiety, which affects digestion, and so on.
Whereas positive thoughts/emotions such as love, tolerance, patience, compassion, self love and acceptance have been shown to increase the state of health.
The emotions acting through the aetheric body have a direct influence on the pattern of energy flows within the physical body. Negative emotions leading to blockages that manifest as disease.
The New England Journal of Medicine published a major article in January 1998 detailing the damage that chronic stress inflicts on the body. It reports that mental stress causes a complex system of hormones and other chemicals to be released in the body, causing harmful effects on many organs. It found that stress causes changes in heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar levels. It increases the secretion of the steroid hormone cortisol, alters the secretion of gastric acid and adrenalin and most importantly it depresses the natural functioning of the immune system, leading to a multitude of side effects.
See also the work of Dr Ryke G. Hamer ( who has investigated the link between disease and one's mental/emotional state.
He found that most cancer patients for example had some emotional conflict or shock prior to the onset of the disease.
Furthermore he discovered that the cancer patients all showed an effect (as seen by x-rays) on a part of the brain that was in the same location for a particular type of cancer. There was 100% correlation between the affected brain location, the location of the cancer in the body and the unresolved emotional conflict.
From this he concluded that when there is an unresolved emotional conflict the emotional reflex centre in the brain that corresponds to that particular emotion will adversely affect the specific organ that the emotional centre is connected to, making the organ more susceptible to disease. He also found that when the emotional conflict was resolved, through psychotherapy or other means, the cancer usually stopped growing at the cellular level.
The eastern philosophies and health methodologies have long recognised this link.
Unless the underlying causes are addressed the blockages even if treated for physical symptoms will recur or manifest in some other form.
A more positive approach can be developed, over time, by following the more spiritual/mystical philosophies that use various techniques, such as meditation, to quiten the mind and achieve a more relaxed lifestyle.
It is well known that meditative practices can have a very beneficial effect on the treatment of disease, such as cancer (see for example

For those that doubt that the mind can influence the physical in a significant way we would recommend reading the story of Morris Goodman ('The Miracle Man').
He severely damaged his spine in a plane crash. Doctors told him that he was destined to spend the rest of his life in bed (as all other people with similar injuries were), without even being able to speak.
However, he did not accept this and started to work at healing himself using the power of mind/spirit. He defied the doctors by healing himself and walking out of the hospital on his own two feet less than a year after the accident. He now lives a normal life. His story was told in the film "The Secret".
It illustrates the important role that thoughts/mind/heart play in manifesting our reality.
A role which was also highlighted in one of our channeled articles "Manifesting what we want" included in the channeling section.


Of course the other main influence on health is diet. We all recognize the detrimental effects of the modern diet consisting mainly of junk food.
The difficulties created by fatty foods is well documented. The high temperature cooking of oils/fats converts them to a less digestible or useful form, with the result that the body has to work harder to eliminate and/or store them as body fat.

Probably one of the biggest dietary contributions to bad health is the excessive consumption of sugar, together with a dietary practice that promotes acidity in the body.
Dr Robert Young has done some innovative research that shows how an acidic environment promotes the fermentation of sugar by yeast/fungal bacteria producing toxins that are detrimental to the body and make people feel sick and tired (see the book "Sick and Tired" by Dr Robert Young).
This process is similar to the fermentation of grapes which combines sugar with yeast to produce alcohol.
This is also the process which causes food to rot away. For example, fruit will spoil much quicker than vegetables because the sugar in the fruit combines with yeast/fungal cells floating in the air to produce mold.
Something similar happens in the body when there is a high intake of sugar in an acidic body terrain. The process produces toxic byproducts such as alcohol, acetaldehyde, lactic acid, uric acid, etc, which at the very least put a stress on the immune system which has to remove these and at worst can promote serious health degeneration.
Therefore it is important to limit the amount of sugar intake and the foods that create acidity in the body (meat, dairy products, eggs, refined wheat, alcohol, tobbaco). The worst foods being those that combine the above factors such as chocolate, soft drinks, ice cream, etc.
At the same time it is essential to have sufficient amounts of alkaline forming foods (vegetables, sprouts, seeds, etc).
We would recommend people read the book "Sick and Tired" by Dr Robert Young which presents evidence and goes into a much more detailed discussion of these issues. He has had very good success in applying these principles to a variety of conditions.

The other aspect of diet is the quality of the food eaten.
Food these days is contaminated with pesticides and chemical additives. It has been reported for example that McDonald's hamburgers have kept for some 2 years without any sign of mould or deterioration because of the large amounts of preservative that is put into them.
Studies with children have shown that when they are fed food containing preservatives and chemical additives they become more irritable and aggressive as well as developing more health problems such as allergies, etc.
Fruit and vegetables are picked green to increase their lifetime and kept in storage for long periods, which not only affects the taste but also decreases the vitality and nutrients.
Eating organic and local in season food would go a long way to addressing this problem.
Animal products are affected by the poor quality feed they receive and drugs they are given, such as antibiotics.
In addition animals are placed under stress/fear in the way they are treated.
Please help our animal friends by only buying animal products from sources that treat the animals humanely. For example, by only buying free range eggs. Caged chickens and pigs live in hell. Animals generally deserve better.
Not only will this improve the nutritional value of animal food but also the subtle energy quality.
Esoteric teachings tell us that thoughts and feelings are real things that leave an imprint on the surroundings that linger on for a certain period of time.
Many people have felt uneasy in certain dwellings where actions of a negative nature have occurred. On the other hand one usually feels a sense of peace in places of meditation or near highly spiritual persons.
When animals are put under stress it leaves an energetic imprint on their bodies which when eaten by humans will transfer some of that energy to the consumer of the food.
Becoming vegetarian is a good option for those who can manage it (not as limiting as it might seem at first).
For those having a large enough garden, growing your own food would be the best solution. There is nothing like the taste of fruit taken directly from the fruit tree for example.
Apart from the obvious benefits of fresh air and exercise that comes from working in the garden, plant life generally improves the energy vibration of any dwelling.
One approach pioneered by Paul Gautschi allows one to grow abundant organic produce with little effort. Once the initial soil preparation is done his approach produces 2 or 3 times normal crop yields without soil tilling, fertiliser, pesticides or even watering. The taste and nutritional value are also much higher than normal. See the 'Back to Eden' video for more information.

We are starting to see more awareness about the importance of right diet filtering into the public arena, thanks largely to the explosion of use of the internet as an information sharing tool.
One example of this is the Food Matters website which explains very well the importance of nutrition in preventing and/or reversing many of the chronic illnesses that have become part and parcel of modern society, something that the medical profession cares little about.

The Benefits of Juicing and a Raw Food Diet

Diet is an important influence on our health as discussed in the previous section. How the food is eaten can also make a big difference to a person's health and ability to recover from illness.
Most foods these days are cooked or worse fried in oil which destroys many nutrients and the vitality of the food. Hence the importance of eating raw foods, i.e. fresh fruit and vegetables such as salads.
Raw fruits are fine however eating raw vegetables can be difficult unless one limits oneself to soft leafy greens. The nutritious components of greens and vegetables are generally locked up inside cellular walls which have to be broken down by the digestive system for the body to be able to make full use of these. Because over time our systems have gotten used to cooked food they have become less adapted to digesting hard and fibrous vegetables in their raw form.

One way to get around this problem is to use a juicer which extracts the nutrients by breaking down the cellular walls making them readily available to our body. The beneficial effects of juicing to our health and vitality have been well documented.
One of the best examples of this can be found in the Joe Cross film "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead".
It documents how an Australian guy becomes fat and sick with a debilitating disease as a result of a fast food diet, lack of exercise and stress.
After hearing about juicing he decides to take in only fruit and vegetable juice for two months, not taking any solids at all. He had become grossly overweight (310lb or 140kg) however not long after he began juicing his weight started to reduce and his energy level and health problems started to improve. By the end of his program, which included exercise, it was back to pretty much normal weight, had lots of energy and no more health problems.

Another way to extract the nutrients from the vegetables is to use a high speed blender to make such things as green smoothies. High speed blenders are preferable to normal kitchen ones because they do a better job of breaking down the cellular walls and also they produce smooth blends that don't have those annoying pieces in them making them much nicer to drink.
The blenders generally also do a better job of extracting the chlorophyl nutrients from the leafy greens than the juicers do. The leafy greens contain a lot of nutrients as well as the energy of the sun as it were and are important to have in our diet. The normal juicers will extract some juice from leafy greens but the blender does a much better job. The exception to that is juicers that work by using rotating spokes to press the juice out of the green leaves. These are quite good however they are generally more expensive.
See "" for a good review of the different types of juicers and blenders on the market and their advantages and disadvantages in different circumstances. The ideal combination, if you can afford it, is to have both a high speed blender and a juicer.

The process of juicing and blending is particularly beneficial for people who are ill, it makes the nutrients readily available to the body making it that much easier to fight the disease.
It is well documented that raw food diets have been successful in curing many types of diseases, including cancer, diabetes, MS, many types of chronic conditions, etc. See the following video for personal testimonies of such sucesses:  "Reversing the Irreversible".
Indeed our own energy levels and general health has improved since we have incorporated juicing and blending into our diet.

Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) - A Treatment for Many Diseases

The word supplement doesn't do it justice for it is much more than a supplement, it is the strongest known killer of viruses, harmful bacteria, yeast, mould and other pathogens.
From our experience with MMS we can say that it does work.
It has cured Malaria in a few days. Trials with 75000 people in Africa have achieved close to 100% success rate.
It has cured AIDS in 4 days in many cases. It has been used successfully to treat Hepatitis, Arthritis, Lyme disease, Herpes, Candida, Arteriosclerosis, some cases of Asthma, Lupus, Warts, Gum disease and of course Colds and Flu.
Many other diseases, such as Diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis, have been improved by use of MMS without necessarily being cured, although some of these have been cured also according to reports. More testing needs to be done.
There is even some evidence that MMS will oxidize harmful heavy metals in the system which the body will then eliminate much more easily.
It has been successful with many types of cancer, including Leukemia. The effectiveness with cancer is still being worked on. Its success will depend to some extent where the cancer is, if it is lodged deep inside one of the organs it can be difficult for the MMS to reach there in sufficient quantities. Some types of cancer will require stronger doses and longer treatment periods than other diseases that respond to MMS.
However there have been many reported successes with cancer. Jim Humble relates in his book that skin cancer from people's experience usually dries up and drops off within one week of taking 15 drops of MMS twice a day!
There are good reports being received for many diseases including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). CFS is a prime candidate for MMS as this disease is usually associated with an immune system that is under stress. Consequently CFS sufferers usually have a high yeast and virus based pathogens in the body, particularly the digestive tract where the immune system is normally the most active.
This is supported by the fact that CFS sufferers will usually experience a very strong detox reaction when first starting to take MMS (see section below for a description of the detox reaction). It is important therefore for CFS sufferers to start on small doses at longer intervals in order not to suffer the detox effects. The dosages and frequency can be slowly increased with time as the detox effect lessens, until one has recovered.
As a result it takes longer to treat CFS with MMS than for many other diseases, months instead of days or weeks.
However, it is still superior to any other method including the ones mentioned in following sections.
We should also mention that we believe the ultimate cause of CFS, as with many other diseases, is at the mental/emotional/spiritual level (see our channeled article on CFS, and also the Dr John Eaton's reverse therapy approach or the related Mickel therapy).
Therefore, unless the underlying causes are addressed the physical manifestations of such are likely to re-appear even if the symptoms are treated.

MMS was a discovery of Jim Humble who after much experimentation found the right ingredients for effective treatment.
The main component of MMS is chlorine dioxide which has been used for many years as a powerful anti bacterial treatment, such as in water purification and preservation of certain foods.
Jim humble discovered that it can be taken safely internally as well, where it does its job without harming the normal cells. According to Jim, of the many thousands of people who have used MMS there haven't been any reports of adverse side effects from its use.
The link below allows you to order all you need for the MMS treatment.
You will need to get the MMS bottle and the Citric Acid Activator kit. The activator kit contains citric acid powder (citric acid is found in lemon juice).
The MMS bottle plus Activator kit costs around US$25, quite good considering that one bottle can last a year or more depending on usage.

Normally you would mix 1 drop of the Citric Acid Activator for every drop of MMS, wait a few minutes and then mix with a glass of purified or bottled water and then drink it. That is essentially all there is to it.
It is recommended that people start with a drop of MMS and increase that gradually. If at any time you start to get a detox reaction cut back on the amount of drops and/or frequency of use until there is little reaction. See the MMSDirections.pdf below for further details.
See Jim's website ( for more details on MMS and how to use it.
See also the MMSWiki site that contains a lot of useful information on MMS and the protols for using it.
Walter Last's article also has useful information on MMS, in particular with regard to the importance of taking antioxidants with prolonged use of MMS.
You can also view a great interview with Jim Humble on the Project Camelot website (

You can Buy MMS from
We have summarised the directions and recommendations for use of MMS in the following document: MMSDirections.pdf
It is based on the work of Jim Humble, Walter Last and our own experience with using MMS. There is no copyright on this document, anyone can copy and share it without restriction.

The fact that MMS works on so many diseases (as do other natural antibiotics but not as well) is an interesting pointer to the nature of disease.
It shows that disease is primarily caused by viruses, harmful bacteria, mould and yeast and other pathogens which thrive when the immune system is compromised in some way, such as by bad diet and/or emotional/mental stress, etc.

Keshe Plasma Technologies

In recent years there has been a new innovation that has shown some amazing results in the health area without side effects.
This relates to the plasma technologies brought to the world by Dr Mehran Keshe (

He has discovered a material that constitutes a new state of matter, somewhere between a solid and a gas, that is able to absorb the pure energies from what Dr Keshe refers to as Plasma and which is probably related Chi or Prana in the Eastern philosophies or Dr Reich’s Orgone energy or aether/zero point energy of physics.
It then becomes available to the body using water as a transfer medium or by direct field interaction.

The use of this substance has had many successes in improving the health of individuals, in some cases dramatic improvement.
See the following links for examples of the effectiveness of this technology.

A doctor’s experience with treating Cancer & Alzheimer's using this type of material:
GANS plasma water is used to treat AIDS:
CO2 Gans protects lab mice from radiation:
The following link shows experimental evidence that a container of this material can have a direct effect on living organisms without the material being in direct contact with the organism.
Lettuce grows better with Gans:

One of the other advantages of this technology is that it is simple and cheap.
The following two videos show how to make the CO2, ZnO2 and CuO2 Gans material that are important elements of this technology.
CO2/ZnO2 Gans -
CuO2 Gans -
See also for more general information on the Keshe technologies.


One of the more amazing treatments for cancer has been with the use of Keshe Plasma Technologies as described in the previous section. It has been demonstrated to eliminate difficult cancers without any of the type of side effects experienced through chemotherapy for example.
The following link shows one such example where a doctor used the Keshe technologies to treat a very aggressive form of breast cancer simply and easily:

One of the other very successful treatments for cancer has been pioneered by Dr John Holt. This well qualified Australian doctor has been able to cure certain types of cancer with no adverse side effects.
The method involves irradiating the cancer with radiowaves of a particular frequency designed to target cancer cells while leaving the normal cells unharmed.
Not everyone can be cured and some cancers respond better than others. Lymphomas, Hodgkin's disease, breast cancer and bladder cancers respond particularly well. However Dr Holt has also had good success with other cancers, including the currently incurable Mesophelioma (cancer of the lungs). He has reported that out of the 14 Mesophelioma patients he has treated 5 are still alive after 5 years.
We have heard testimonies (he was featured on a current affair program in Australia) of many of his patients who were told they had months to live but thanks to Dr. Holt's treatment are alive and well 10 or 20 years later. Many with no recurrence or sign of cancer.
We heard an account from a man who had bladder cancer. He did not want to have his bladder removed as suggested by his doctors, preferring death to a life without a bladder. By the time he came to see Dr Holt the cancer had spread to the head area, across the ribs and a big lump between the shoulder blades. After completing Dr Holt's treatment scans confirmed that the cancer had virtually melted away.
Another patient had two massive tumors which he described as being hard as rocks. After a radiotherapy treatment they became soft and with further treatment would gradually disappear. This was 28 years ago!
One woman with Mesophelioma (incurable by conventional medicine) was told she had 6 months to live. This was in 1990. She is now fine because of Dr John Holt.
Dr Holt has retired from his Perth practice, but fortunately 'The Radiowave Therapy Research Institute' (RWTRI) has been set up in Perth (Australia) to carry on Dr Holt's work, see the RWTRI website for further details.

Another very successful treatment of cancer was pioneered by Dr Stanislaw Burzynski.
He was able to cure many types of cancer, including the very difficult to treat brain tumours, by giving people so called Antineoplastons which don't have any side-effects.
The FDA and the medical establishment went to extrodinary lenghts to try and discredit him and put him out of business.
The following documentary on him tells the story better than we can "Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business".

Another notable treatment for cancer that has come to light recently is cannabis oil. It has been shown by many studies, including establishment research, that this oil is effective in killing all types of cancer cells. See the following video that describes the treatment and provides evidence for its efficacy.

We also note that there are many other things that can be done to improve and actually cure cancer, for example with a raw food diet and various other treatments such as the Miracle Mineral Supplement described above.
One example is of a man of 78 who cured his 'incurable' colon cancer by a change of diet, see article.
The website discusses various alternatives to the orthodox approach for people struggling with different stages of cancer. It contains a lot of useful information.

It is also worth mentioning that different people may require different treatments for the same cancer as the underlying cause of the disease may be different in the two cases.
Dr. Leonard Coldwell uses this guiding principle, he claims to be able to cure at least 90% of cancer patients. See the following article for further details.

Also, we believe that the ultimate cause of cancer, as with many other diseases, is at the mental/emotional/spiritual level (see our channeled article on cancer). Therefore, unless the underlying causes are addressed the cancer is likely to re-appear at some point.
See the following link for an interesting explanation of how cancer is formed and its relationship to emotional stress and shock.

Rife Technologies

Another approach that has been very successful in treating many diseases including cancer and HIV/AIDS has its origins with the work of Dr Royal Rife.
Back in the 1930's he invented what was for that time a very sophisticated and powerful microscope that allowed him to view blood and other biological cultures in their alive state.
This gave him an unprecedented understanding of the way viruses and bacteria behave and reproduce as well as their relationship to disease.
This also allowed him to develop electronic methods for selectively targeting and killing particular types of viruses and bacteria.
The principle behind this approach being that electrical or electromagnetic signals applied at a particular frequency will target viruses/bacteria that resonate to that frequency.
He has successfully treated many illnesses, including cancer, by this method.
Barry Lynes gives a detailed account of the work of Dr Rife in his book "The Cancer Cure that Worked ". In it he also exposes the persecution and appalling treatment by the medical establishment of him and his discoveries.

The Rife approach has since been duplicated and expanded by many researchers who have verified its effectiveness in treating many virus based diseases.
For example, it was reported in the "Science News" magazine (March 30 1991) that doctors W.D. Lyman and S. Kaali of the Albert Einstein School of Medicine found that a small electric current passed through a dish containing the HIV virus reduced its ability to infect cells by up to 95%. Their experiments, reported at the First International Symposium on Combination Therapies, showed that the shocked viruses lost the ability to make an enzyme crucial to their reproduction and could no longer cause the white blood cells to clump together - the two key signs of virus infection.
The Rife method is non-invasive and has no side effects.
Despite the successes conventional medicine has done precious little to investigate this option.
The good news is that people can treat themselves with simple equipment that can be purchased online.
The site sells an ultrasound version of the Rife Machine invented by Gary Wade. The advantage of this device is that it cycles through numerous frequencies so that one does not have to know the exact frequency for a particular bug.
See also the Tools for Healing website which sells bio-electric technologies, including Bob Beck's non-invasive blood electrification method that purifies the blood of viruses. This technique has been successful in treating AIDS, among many other diseases.

FDA and the Drug Companies

For those that still put all their faith in conventional medicine we suggest they read the "Death By Medicine" article which documents the real story of drug based treatments. Here is a quote from the article written by doctors using information derived from official statistics:
"It is now evident that the American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the US (783,936 per year). By contrast, the number of deaths attributable to heart disease in 2001 was 699,697, while the number of deaths attributable to cancer was 553,251".
Another interesting statistic is that whenever doctors go on strike the death rate invariably falls in those communities, often by sizeable proportions of the order of 20 to 30% (see Robert S. Mendelsohn's book "Confessions of a Medical Heretic" ).
One of the most dramatic falls in death rate occured in Israel, falling by as much as 50% during a doctors strike in 1973. The only other time that this kind of drop was seen in Israel was during another doctors strike 20 years earlier!
After each strike the death rate quickly reverted back to normal levels.

We also encourage people to investigate for themselves, to not simply accept what is told to you by 'authorities'. Read for example about the horrendous effects of the drug Aldara at the following link People have been killed by this drug while medical authorities do little to protect the public.
Another horrendous drug is Aspartame, the main component of NutraSweet, Equal, Diet Coke and various other products. We urge people to avoid like the plague any products that contain Aspartame. Read the damning reports, by doctors, of the side-effects of this product at It has been clearly shown to cause brain tumours in animals and humans, as well as many other problems. The FDA, the American medical watchdog, knew about this side effect but approved it anyway. See the following YouTube video documentary which comes in 9 parts.
Believe it or not the FDA has for decades suppressed alternative medicines and technologies because of their connections to large pharmaceutical companies. The drug companies are only interested in treating symptoms not curing diseases, the sickness industry is a multi-billion-dollar business.
See the following article "New study: 85% of Big Pharma's new drugs are 'lemons' and pose health risks to users" that describes a report by independent reviewers who found that about 85% of new drugs offer few if any real benefits but carry the risk of causing serious harm to users.
But do not take our word, investigate for yourself. Simply type in "FDA suppression" into Google and you will find numerous accounts where the FDA threatened to put inventors and alternative practitioners in jail if they did not stop treating people, even if there was clear evidence of success.
One good example of this is the story of Dr Stanislaw Burzynski described under the Cancer section.
He was able to cure many types of cancer without producing side-effects.
The FDA and the medical establishment went to extrodinary lenghts to try and discredit him and put him out of business.
The following documentary gives evidence for the success of his method and does a good job of exposing the behaviour of the FDA and the medical establishment "Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business".
A must see for anyone who still believes that the medical establishment is interested in curing diseases.

We are also beggining to see some courageous doctors speaking out against the FDA and the drug companies.
One such doctor is Dr Matthias Rath, His book "Why Animals Don't Get Heart Attacks ... But People Do!" gives a different perspective on the cause of heart attacks than we are normally led to believe (a free e-book version is downloadable from here).
See also the "Are Most Diseases Caused by the Medical System?" article by Walter Last - a former biochemist and toxicologist at a university medical department. He is now convinced that most diseases are caused or made worse by the practices of the medical system.
Then there is Dr. Jennifer Daniels who blows the whistle about what is really going on in the medical industry based on her many years experience in the industry, see video interview.
Also there is the former psysician Ghislaine Lanctót who exposed the corruption in the pharmaceutical industry through her book 'The Medical Mafia'. See her revealing interview here.

The Detox Reaction (Herxheimer reaction)

Anything that kills a lot of viruses and bacteria will usually give rise to a detox reaction at the beginning. The body has to remove toxins which are created as a result of this process.
If there are too many toxins in the system it can give rise to symptoms which are similar to the disease itself. Feelings of tiredness and lethargy, nausea or diarrhea if a lot of toxins are produced, and in extreme cases people have even been known to throw up. This is the body's way of trying to get rid of toxins.
This is certainly true of the treatments mentioned here. The Rife technologies, deep sea fish oil, Miracle Mineral Supplement all produce the detox reaction.
Generally speaking, the sicker a person is the more viruses and pathogens are present and so the stronger the detox reaction as more of these are killed off.

This is where many people give up on this types of treatments thinking that they are not working or making them worse rather than better.
However, this is actually a good sign, it means that the treatment is having an effect. When healthy people take these treatments they will not feel any of the detox effects.
If you experience a strong reaction all that is needed is to reduce the dosage to the point where the reaction is minor or none. As you continue the treatments you should see a reduction in the detox reaction as the level of pathogens in your body is reduced. The dosage can then be increased until you start to experience the reaction again.
This process can be continued until the person is back to good health.
If the detox reaction did not decrease with time then it would be wise to discontinue the treatment and look at alternatives. However, in all the cases that we have looked into the detox reaction decreased with time as the illness begins to clear up.

Near Death Experiences

We include here a section on Near Death Experiences (NDEs) as they are an important source of evidence for the existence of a soul or consciousness that survives the physical.
As such it underscores the significance of the spiritual dimension in maintaining a sense of well being.
For those that require it, NDEs are about as close as one can get to a scientific proof of survival after death.

There have been many examples of people who have been declared clinically dead reporting going out of their bodies, moving towards a bright light, seeing loved ones who have passed over, etc. (
Skeptics have tried to explain this away by suggesting that these visions are the last actions of a dying brain that presents these images to the conscious.
However this is easily discounted by the fact that many are able to describe what was going on around them, such as in the operating room, while undergoing their NDE.
Some have even been able to describe events and people's conversations that happened far away from where their body lay, while traveling around in their out of body state, and which were later verified by the people involved.
Probably the most remarkable account of an NDE is that of Pam Reynolds (, because of the fact that she was completely monitored during the entire NDE.
In order to be able to remove an aneurysm deep within her brain doctors had to bring her to a state of clinical death during the operation. Her body temperature was lowered to 10-15oC, her heart and breathing were stopped and the blood drained from the head. All metabolic activity in the brain stopped, there was no measurable neural activity whatsoever.
Yet she still 'experienced' going out of her body and was later able to describe what went on during the operation. Including the instruments that were used, the conversations between the doctors, etc, that were later verified by the participants.
And all this while the brain was completely dead, as attested to by the readouts on the brainwave monitor.

There are some common threads in the accounts of those who have experienced NDEs (
Among these include; being drawn towards a bright light, experiencing a sense of unconditional love, meeting friends and relatives who have passed over.
Seeing other beings as light and communicating through thought transference.
Seeing beautiful colors and hearing beautiful sounds.
Going through a life review where all of one's actions are gone through but with the addition that one feels what others felt as a result of one's words or actions towards them.
Having a much expanded understanding of the nature of reality and one's purpose in it.
People who had been blind from birth report being able to see during an NDE.

These NDE accounts generally support the concept of reincarnation as espoused by the eastern, and other, traditions. There is also other more direct and quite convincing evidence in support of reincarnation, see (
See also the interesting YouTube interview with Michael Newton. He is a traditional psychologist who through hypnosis has regressed people back past their birth and into their previous incarnations. Based on the information gathered from those he has regressed he talks about the journey of the soul and in particular the experiences in between lives.
NDE's also lend weight to the concept of channeling or the communication with other dimensional beings and those who have crossed over.