Psychic Readings

In this section of the website we look at the topic of channeling of information from 'higher' sources.

In particular the channeled psychic readings of Olgaa Fienco.
She is able to 'tune in' and receive messages as if carrying on a conversation.
Olgaa is a direct channel for the voice of spirit and beings from other realms, such as spiritual guides, angelic beings, enlightened masters, souls that have lived on other planetary systems as well as our own.

  • See the Background section for more information on channeling and a discussion of the evidence that exists to support the genuineness of this process. We also look at the nature of psychic predictions.
  • See the our Readings section for more information on what is involved in a reading.
    It includes accounts of people's experiences with Olgaa. In one case one of her clients has written a book in which she relates her experience of the channeling.
    Olgaa also connects with spirit to bring forth messages from loved ones who have passed over, often giving evidence of the continued existence of life after death.
    You can also visit Olgaa's personal website at
    Olgaa is a member of the International Psychics Association.
  • With the Order option you can order a personal reading and spiritual counseling from your guides and helpers, as channeled by Olgaa, from anywhere in the world.
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  • Under Messages are included transcripts of channelings done by Olgaa. The messages cover many topics originating from a number of beings and range from informative to inspirational.
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Mediumship Evenings

Olgaa holds monthly Mediumship Evenings where she connects with spirit
to bring forth messages from loved ones who have passed over.
The following video shows some highlights from a recent Mediumship Evening.

Example Channeled Messages

Transformation of Consciousness, 2012 and Beyond. (Nov 2011)


Other video messages can be viewed on our YouTube home.
Previous Channeled Messages can be accessed as transcripts through the Messages index page.

"How do you know so much about us?"
"Because I read your soul and understand the many journeyings and travels you have come through. And from your soul I read a spectrum not just one piece of information. It is like your CD’s, the information stored within your soul is of every thought, lifetime and experience you have had."
- Spirit Guide