Channeled Readings

Order a Channeled Reading

Receive insight and loving guidance from your spirit guides, angelic beings and helpers on issues affecting your life.

Olgaa Fienco is a direct channel for the voice of spirit and beings from other realms.
Because of their perspective they are able to see our situation with a lot more clarity, love and wisdom than is normally the case.
For more information on what is involved in a reading and experiences from those that have had a reading see the Readings page.
This page allows you to order a personal reading channeled by Olgaa. The options for doing this are described below.

  • Recorded Sound File Reading
    With this option you can submit questions via email.
    After we receive your payment we will do the channeling based on your questions, recording the reading to a standard sound file (mp3 format - most computers can play this).
    The sound file will then be emailed to you (it can be played by simply double clicking on the mp3 attached file).
    (Note: Your computer needs to have sound capabilities for this option to work. You can test whether you will be able to hear the channeling by going to the following test page SoundTest.html.)

    Cost:  US$20 for the first question and $15 for each additional question.

    No of Questions:  
  • Skype Reading
    You can book a Skype to Skype reading with Olgaa for durations of 30, 45 or 60 minutes.
    Once we receive your payment we will contact you to organise a time.

    Cost:  30 minutes US$60, 45 minutes US$90, 1 hour US$120.

    Skype Duration:   
  • Face to Face Reading
    Those living in our vicinity (Melbourne, Australia) can order a face to face reading.
    Please email us or phone Olgaa on 0407 340428 to book a time.
    We also do esoteric/spiritual Astrology readings for those that are interested in this approach.

    Cost:  AUS$120 for a 1 hour reading.

Currency Option

If you live in Australia you can pay in Australian dollars by selecting the following option:

Payment Methods

Once you select the appropriate option from the dropdown button you can elect to pay in either of the following ways.
The prices are in US dollars, however if you live in Australia you can elect to pay in Australian dollars by selecting the check box above. You can check out the currency conversion rate for your country.

Paypal accepted
If you are already part of PayPal you can simply transfer the payment, otherwise you can use PayPal to pay with your credit card (without having to sign up with PayPal).
PayPal is a SECURE payment system which accepts the displayed credit cards (click on the image to learn more). No merchant using PayPal ever gets to see your credit card details.

Bitcoin Accepted

We also accept Bitcoin through our payment processor BitPay.
If you elect to pay with Bitcoins you will be taken to BitPay's invoice page where you fill in your name and email address and then click on the 'Checkout Now' button to complete the payment.
The Checkout button will take you to BitPay's standard payment screen which displays the equivalent bitcoin amount based on the current price.
The payment screen allows you to pay with your bitcoin wallet or by sending bitcoins from your exchange to the address provided. You can also pay by scanning the displayed QR code if you have bitcoin payment software on your smart phone.