Channeled Messages

This section is devoted to messages received through Olgaa Fienco.

We included topics that we thought would be of general interest.
The messages cover many subjects and are arranged by categories as set out at left.

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The categories are as follows:
  • Earth Life - This category looks at different aspects of life on planet Earth and human nature generally. Topics include the nature of thoughts and emotions, health, money, etc.
  • ETs & UFOs - Here we include channelings related to Extraterrestrials and UFOs. There are references to the Pleiadians, Sirians, Grays, Crop circles, Life on Mars, etc.
  • The Soul - This section relates to matters of the soul and our higher purpose. It includes information on Reincarnation, Soul groups, the Afterlife, etc.
  • Uplifting - We include here channelings which are inspirational and uplifting to the spirit. Such as 'The origin of happiness', 'Manifesting what we want', 'Communicating with our soul', 'On love'.
  • Various - This section contains the articles that did not fit easily into any of the other categories. Included are talks on Dolphins and Whales, Time Travel, Jesus, Psychic Predictions, etc.

All Messages © Copyright Olgaa Fienco 2004-2009