Channeled Readings

Olgaa Fienco - Psychic Channel

What is involved in a Reading?

Olgaa begins the session by calling in your guides and helpers as well as her helpers.
Different guides will come in as needed, with the being or energy calling itself Master Syralieus acting as the main or 'coordinating' entity in most sessions.

After tuning in to the person Olgaa will pass on any insights or issues that are communicated through her from the guides and indeed from your own soul.

You can ask questions at any time, either prepared or as they arise during the session.
Generally the guides will answer any question, however the answer might not always be what you expected but rather what is the most appropriate for you at the time. They don't give out Lotto numbers for example (we tried).
Sometimes they don't give any answers for reasons known only to themselves. Perhaps because the person needs to learn to trust their own judgement rather than relying too much on what others say.

Any predictions made reflect the most likely outcome given your current circumstances. They are not guarantees, as circumstances can change along the way due to the operation of free will (see our article on predictions).
As the guides remind us often, we have the power to change our future.

The guides will not tell you what to do, it is up to each individual to make choices, for this is how we learn and grow.
What they will do is give people insights into their situations so that they can make more enlightened choices, leading to greater peace and joy.

It has been our experience that irrespective of a person's circumstances there is never any judgment from the guides, only patience and unconditional love.

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People's Experiences

Here are some testimonials that demonstrate the ability of the spirit guides and helpers to know things about Olgaa's clients that she could not possibly have known or guessed.

The following is an excerpt from a book written by one of Olgaa's clients describing her channeling session with her which was a catalyst for a spiritual journey that ensued from it, including trips to India and culminating in the following book.

Book Desert Wisdom
Vasantha Lakshmi Sai

See Barnes & Noble Link

With her permission we have reproduced part of Chapter One here.

Chapter One
Sai Baba Enters
"Sai Baba has come to sit in for your reading," said Olgaa with a surprised smile. "This is the first time this has happened in one of my sessions. Oh, now He wants me to offer you a glass of water."
My eyes flew open and I gasped audibly, for at that exact moment I was overcome by a thirst so great that it felt like I had been walking for miles across an arid desert and had just fallen onto my knees exhausted and dehydrated and very close to death.
My husband and I had gone to Olgaa Fienco for an angel channelling session. Richard, a programmer, was between job contracts and was seeking a new position. He called a former work colleague to confirm his role as a referee and during their brief telephone conversation, Olgaa's name came up and by the end of that short exchange he had booked an appointment for us to see her. I had not met Olgaa or her partner before. I went along with my husband on a trickle of curiosity. For Richard to have booked a session of this type was out of character.
A few days later, I took a deep breath and stepped through Olgaa's front door. After the initial introductions Olgaa ushered us into her lounge where she did her channelling. The first thing that met my eyes was a photograph of Sai Baba on her mantelpiece. Next to Baba were images of Jesus and other angels.
I knew then somewhere deep within that I was meant to be there. After I had the drink of water that Olgaa brought to me, we settled into the session once again. My mind was reeling, I was in awe and my scepticism of the authenticity of angel channellers was receding. This time Olgaa was a channel for Sai Baba and Baba had one message for me.
It was: "Read those books."
"What books are these?" I asked.
Baba then showed Olgaa three books and told her that I had them already. He even showed her where they were in my house! Olgaa described them to me and this was how I was led to, A Course in Miracles, a book on Positive Thoughts and a book on Sai Teachings.
I asked Baba for some guidance for my husband and me and according to Olgaa, He held a yellow birthday cake in His hand, smiled mischievously and then left.

"Olgaa has a wonderful gift, she is one of the rare 'GREAT PSYCHICS'!
There are many bad ones out there but she is the real deal. It takes a lot to impress me in this field & she certainly impressed me!
So glad I trusted my guidance to her, a beautiful soul with an accurate gift, to share with the world."

Faith Love  (Channel, Healer, Author, Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Teacher, Empath,  Facebook Page)

"I've had readings before but nothing like Olgaa's!  A passionate and genuine person, Olgaa took me on a ride of plenty - a psychic reading, channelling and meeting my spirit guide - all in one hour!  I've never been so moved by the spiritual realm before - an amazing experience and one I would highly recommend if you are wanting clarity in your life or if you just want to meet the other side!"
Deanne Mathews     (Hawthorn, Melbourne, Australia)

As an interesting footnote we include here a portion of a communication we later received from Deanne relating to some advice she was given in her reading. Bear in mind that Olgaa has never seen or heard of the book mentioned in the reading.

"The session I had with you really solidified my vision and purpose so once again thank you. I've been to the Theosophical Bookshop and found my's called The Art of Spiritual Healing (chakra and energy work) and the colour of the book is red, white and gold just as it was described in our reading..can you believe it? And when I went to listen to our session again - I heard you say that it would be a book on chakra and energy healing which I had forgotten when I picked up the book. So it was surprising that the wording was spot on. I am just amazed."

"I cannot understate the amount of service that Olgaa has provided. In times of need, she has elicited guidance that has far surpassed what I ever thought was possible. The accuracy of pinpointing specific areas of inner confusion and turmoil within myself has been nothing short of amazing.
During our initial encounter, she received information as to the potential reasons for my debilitating allergies. After pondering such a reason, I decided to implement it and could not believe the results. I literally and I mean quite literally was allergy free the very next day. For a person that was always bound by logic, it gave me that extra push in the right direction to further my faith in spirituality.
I have since asked for her guidance just recently and have yet again been quite impressed with the accuracy of the information regarding my current inner conflicts. I can only hope that from her information, I can attain the level of understanding that I had hoped to achieve and given my last experience with her, I have the utmost faith that I will.
Though I know that most work must be achieved by ones self, I had no doubt in my mind that I will request further readings from such a wonderfully soothing and gentle soul as Olgaa."

Jeremy Walker     (New Smyrna Beach, FL, USA)

"Just wanted to say thank you for the reading and the information that I gathered from that has turned out to be extremely useful and beneficial to my overall health. So thank you so much."
Alex Brown     (Macleod, Melbourne, Australia)

The following is a response to a reading some time earlier in which advice was given about where to find a source of organic meat. Rob tried to find a supplier but was unsuccessful until the following happened.
"Last week I went to a healthy lifestyles class where I met a couple who raised free range organic chickens and sold them. When I went to pick them up I was pleasantly surprised to discover that not only did they provide free range organic chickens but they also did beef, pork, and chicken eggs! All organic! All free range!
When I got home I decided to listen to the original reading again. You said it was about 20 kilometers east of where I live. It is 20 miles southeast of where I live. You said that you felt it was an isolated farm. I couldn't agree more! This was 10 miles south of nowhere. It was about as isolated as you can get! Lastly you said you were getting a name like Haysticks. The couple's last name is Licks, not Haysticks but definitely similar. Wow!"

Rob Hanks     (Minot, ND, USA)

"My consultation with Olgaa was overwhelmingly positive and touching; at times, humourous, yet intensely personal; a remarkable tool for growth. I encourage you, too, to take an opportunity to understand more about yourself, your unique gifts and talents;  gain practical insights into relationships and situations you face; help clarify your goals; learn how to summon support within and around you, to help overcome challenges and reach your heart’s desires."
Jacqui Lucas     (Brighton, Melbourne, Australia)

"I recently had a psychic reading done for me by Olgaa Fienco. To say I was happy by her accuracy is an understatement. I was stunned by how spot on she was with each point she covered.
The reading was performed long distance, with Olgaa in Melbourne and myself in Brisbane. Yet Olgaa read me like an open book and told me things I'd suspected myself.
I was amazed and very satisfied with Olgaa's high abilities. At last I have found a psychic reader who truly knows her stuff.

Sue Graveur      (Ferny Hills, Queensland, Australia)

I am pleased with the results! Listening to you during your connection somehow strengthened my own connection to my guides. Something about your voice helped to unlock something. I felt intense “feeling” come from my guides while listening to you.
I found your mention of November to be a recurring date for me as well, from my own methods of communication, and from other shamans I have dealt with. The geographic location helped out a lot as I had only worked on charts of the Americas and not the other half of the world. Sort of “widened” my perspective ha! Overall very enjoyable experience, you will hear from me soon!

Shane Bostic      (USA)

"Good morning Olgaa, was listening to the reading last night and thought I would just send you a text to say you’re amazing at what you do. It was my pleasure meeting you.
Bianca Fournair      (Reservoir, Melbourne, Australia)