Physics Links

   Contains a compilation of the strange and the unusual taken from scientific journals.

The General Science Journal  Online scientific publication. Unlike the standard publications it accepts papers without peer review. The peer review process is heavily biased towards papers that conform to standard theory and discriminates against dissenting views.   The website of the Tom Bearden research group. This site describes a real, working and patented free energy device.   A group that is putting their money where their principles are by providing substantial backing for a workable 'free energy' device.  Site dedicated to experimental research on revolutionary energy technologies.

Information Unlimited  Website selling useful products for the free-energy researcher, such as tesla coils and high voltage supplies.  Home of the TRA group, which is doing innovative research with magnetic fields.  Long standing site containing a lot of information on alternative science topics, including free energy and gravity control.  Jean-Louis Naudin's website which catalogs many interesting experiments that demonstrate overunity behavior as well as electrogravitics.  Some interesting and useful information in relation to Tesla technologies.

Prof Kanarev  Website of Professor Ph. M. Kanarev. He has come up with a new model of the atom that gives a better explanation of atomic and molecular properties than Quantum Mechanics does. He also discusses ways of extracting energy from water.

Free Energy Devices  Practical guide to free energy devices. Brings together a lot of diverse and useful information on devices that have reportedly produced overunity outputs.  Hengry T. Laurency's works on the esoteric teachings concerning the nature of the universe.

Panacea  Non profit organisation dedicated to promoting awareness of alternate and free energy technologies, and supporting the inventors of these, for the benefit of humanity.  Sepp Hasslberger's website containing interesting articles on physics and alternative theories, science and spirituality, alternative technologies and many other topics.  Stefan Hartmann's international free energy research forum.  Site devoted to free energy research and exchange of information.  Contains many links to sites that discuss standard Physics theories and concepts.

Multi-Dimensional Science  Some thoughts and suggestions on the reconciling of science and spirituality by Robert Searle.

Centre for Quantum Activism  Website of Dr Amit Gswami who is trying intergrate spirituality and science.  Information on the special and general relativity theories, including some exotic topics such as wormholes, time travel and warp drives.

Aether Force  Another interesting view of the aether, particularly as it relates to electromagnetism, by Eric Dollard.

New Chemistry  Research on new salt compounds unearths truths that challenge the foundations of chemistry and science.