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Here we include channelings related to Extraterrestrials and UFOs.

Life on Mars (March 2004)

You have recently been interested in the Mars phenomenon and you realise that there is more to this than what has been offered. There will be more interest shown on this topic and many factors will come to light about things that have been thought of but not proven yet.
It will be possible to show that there was life upon this planet.
As they say, only the tip of the iceberg has been discovered. You are now opening up a Pandora's box and taking full flight into unknown territory.

Amazingly things will start to fall into place for many as there will be a calling home for certain souls. This home calling will seem to some as though it has been coming for a long time and will be what you have been waiting to hear for so long.
There will be many gathered together as one in thought, in mind, in words and there will be much peace upon your hearts and souls for you will realise the divinity and uplifting qualities connected in this one process that has begun.
Many will be involved and there will be a consolidated consciousness throughout the world and it will be this that will start to open up and allow more to be exposed and revealed.

Do not feel anxious or afraid for these times coming are of great importance and have been coming for a long time.
They are the times in which much will be explained and proof given for the existence of that which has till now been unable to be proven.

Consciousness is becoming more alight and therefore the new and great ones will come forth with their openness and courage to declare the truth in its totality. All this will be revealed in time, a time that is approaching quickly.
Do not shut the doors to your heart and to what is to be revealed but open them with love, forgiveness and acceptance, and be reminded that you are all part of the one and one is part of all.

Visitors to planet Earth

Occasionally there are those who travel from other planetary systems and star systems, but the most frequent visitors to planet Earth are the Pleiadians and Sirians, for they have the most in common with the human form.
The Pleiadians and the Sirians are similar to humans as they share the same cellular structure to the human form. Therefore their DNA is imbedded in the human form.
The Pleiadians and Sirians initially bought their own to planet Earth as they were searching for different areas to seminate. They have many branches of their own kind in different planetary systems and galaxies.
The Pleiadians are the most travelled of the species as they enjoy the mixing and social activity of knowing another planetary or cultural system.
The Sirians are more shy and retreat more easily and come in love and happiness.

Although life has not been discovered in your galaxy as far as you can tell, it is pulsating with life. Even in the outer planets as you know them, there are lifeforms living and breathing.

Q: What sort of lifeforms?

Mainly of the animal kingdom. Different types to that on Earth.

There are also different star systems that are inhabited by beings of different race and culture and you have undoubtedly seen the different writings about alien abductions. As much as this is a propagated myth on your planet, there is some truth in it for they come to discover and learn about planet Earth.
For they have much to learn and there is much change within the galaxy as is with all planets, and for some their sustainability is in great danger. They are looking at ways of perpetuating their species to a different dimension so that they do not disappear totally.

The Earth is a very rare jewel indeed, and as primitive as it may seem to some of the other inhabitants it has its own advancements.
The particular colonization of the Earth is different to that of the other colonizations of the stars and planets.
There are other solar systems in other galaxies which are similar but operate at a different level. They do not have the same beliefs as you and are not in the same form. Some are very different indeed.
Others have advanced to greater heights.
Some fight wars as on Earth but on a different level. Not with destructive machines but with wit and mind. They use strategies and honour each other in a way that is civil and logical.

The Earth is the most emotional of the planets and has the most emotionally geared up individuals.
There is always going to be diversity and disunity within the Earthly plane as long as the inhabitants try to conquer one another to gain superiority and power. The lesson for the human is to surrender and abide with one another in peace and harmony, not in hate and disunity.

The othervisitors to your planet fear that if they should be seen there would be much to be explained and therefore come incognito in order to follow through on their own learnings.
Many of them havelearnt how to change their cellular structure to fit in with the human form and disguise themselves as humans. They then can learn more and understand the culture better.
They mean no harm but only to learn more about a different society to their own.

Q: Where are the so called Greys from?

The Greys are from a planetary system not yet discovered.
They are seen as being evil by some. They are not but are very very intellectual and are distanced from any sort of feeling. They are more interested in the way that the human body is composed rather than its emotional structure.
They only seek to understand and learn. They are not here to destroy or kill.
The Greys are very intelligent beings and very swift, and can seem cold and distant to the humans. But it is only their way of being. They are not interested in human emotion and find it very interesting that humans are so.
They base their whole criteria for living on intellect and explanation and how each piece connects with the other.

They do conduct experiments for the purpose of learning not to inflict harm.
They are not aware of any pain they may inflict upon the human for they see that the human is just another form and nothing else.

Q: What sort of life forms can be found in the universe? Is the Star Trek series close to the truth?

There is some truth in that series. However do not take everything as you see it.
Fantastical places and people have been summoned by your consciousnesses and have been written in form for the imagination to take flight.

There are different populations of different species around the galaxies.
They occupy different planes and different spheres, not necessarily like your own.
For they live in different dimensions as well. This cannot be grasped entirely by the Earth’s inhabitants at this time for you are at a different level.
Some of the other populations have different means of living and of prospering.
Therefore they would see some of your lives as limited, whereas you might see their’s as barbaric.
Many have seen the grey ones which are a reality, and also the blue ones that have also come to visit your planet.
They come to seek different ways of evolving their own species for they are now losing touch with their own and need more DNA to reaffirm their own lives and cultivate different species of theirs. They are not in themselves evil but have different ways of looking at the world which you might interpret as evil. But in spiritual terms they are as they are.
Many have come to your planet on different occasions and will continue to visit this planet, as they do others, for the purpose of discovery and learning.

Crop circles

Q: Who are the originators of the crop circles and what are they trying to communicate?

The Pleiadians.
The Crop circles are symmetrical and have the message of love and symmetry to offer.
It is not so much a code that needs deciphering but rather the message is of unity, symmetry and allowing things to be, instead of destruction and separateness.
All the crop circles use the beauty of symmetrical form to address the beauty of the soul. For the soul's form is harmonious and symmetrical and has the essence of love and divinity.
The crop circles are symbolic in that they are messages of love and unity and poetry. There have been different types of messages, but the most important of which is love.
These messages implore you to see the truth of who you are. The intricate patterns are just a way of showing you that you are all in balance and one with the whole.

Occasionally there will be a Sirian, or other, crop circle and it will differ slightly in nature for it will have a symmetry but it will also have an encodement within.
In the particular circle which emphasizes the little grey with the writing encoded, this was to tell you that you are all still part of the same DNA, and have been and will be for quite some time.
Remember you are all one with, and part of, the greater source, the greater universe. It is of some significance that you are now starting to explore greater worlds.
The links to the Pleiadian and Sirian systems are in effect the closest relationship the Earth has to intergalactic visitations.

Contact with ET (Sep 2004)

Q: We have heard recently of researchers detecting signals that may turn out to be communications from other civilizations. Are these genuine communications from other planetary systems or some sort of artefact?

The communications have always been open.
It is because you are willing to listen now that the signals are being heard.
Yes it is genuine. Yes it is from another solar system. It will be more and more a phenomenon that is part of your everyday life.
All life is in communications but only some are willing to hear. You know at this point in time there is much more of an openness within the whole physical universe. There is a greater need for all to be in tune with one another. For the transformation that is required in order to reach the spiritual 4th dimension is being poured into all of the universal entities.
This is a very special time in your own history. As it has been predicted, this is the dawning of the new age.
This is the time when all will become clear, for now you are willing to hear and take on board.
In previous years and centuries although the bells have always rung there was no one to listen. It was like calling on someone who had the lights on but there was no one home.
It has taken humanity a great deal of work and understanding to be at a point at which it is now.
Now that the willingness is present and more and more of you are becoming beings of light and more intentionally understanding your purpose, the call can come and you can answer.

There will be other phenomena that will be shortly coming to your scientists. Things that have not been seen before but that have been hinted at.
There will be sightings. There will be a real advancement in gravitational technology. There will be a cure for cancer.
There will be a greater wisdom cast upon humanity. For it is the wish expressed by the majority of your population to be more whole.
This is of significance because you are now able to intuit and also be responsible for the information given to you, with a willingness to share this information.
Yes, there will be many mind/logical discussions that will debate whether this is true or just a figment of people's imagination.
There will also be discussions about spirituality, Christianity and where it all fits in with what is being given.
There will be many who will not understand and will not be willing to accept the new. For they will want to keep things the same, because the new paradigm will make them fear their own existence.

Do not seek to get too involved as yet, for much is to be done.
In time a frequency channel will be opened where people will be able to understand the messages being given.

Q: Is it true that many governments of the world are aware of UFO visitations but keep it secret?


Q: It has been claimed that the US government is trying to engineer craft based on UFO technology?

That is correct.
They are cautious with this as they are not sure what they are dealing with.
In fact the US government has already built many spacecraft based on the alien teachings.
Do not forget that the aliens, as you call them, have already been on your planet before you have. Therefore they have already given much to your race. Their teachings are available in the many esoteric teachings of the world.
Many of you are discovering through the crop circles what it is that we have been trying to bring to your awareness for many eons.
The discoveries of different life forms will also be detected upon different planets in time to come. There may be reason to be fearful for the governments and church and those smaller minded individuals who will approach this subject with fear, for power will shift hands.
However the human race has little to fear from alien visitations.

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