Messages - Uplifting

We include here channelings which are inspirational and uplifting to the spirit.

The origin of happiness

Plant all that you do with love, cherish each moment with love, extend your heart to all with love, and pray for that which you need with love.
All shall be given if so it is requested with love. All shall be given if requested with a heart that is full of love.
You are all creatures and children of the one light, and as part of this one light you are all given goodness, happiness, abundance, integrity and much much more. It is of your own doing that you do not receive all that you wish for or dream of.

Also remember you are part of the one, and therefore if you are part of the one what is there to not be. You cannot be something you are not, therefore you are already that which you think you are and more.
And why console yourselves and be scared of and feel rejected when in fact you are loved, and seen as part of the creation of the universe. Uplift your spirits and be always ever presently happy and uplifted.
For happiness is only within you and nowhere else to be found. It cannot be outside, it cannot be in the car, it cannot be in the beautiful dresses, jewels, it cannot be in the relationship, it is within you.
Therefore it is only you who has the power to accept the reality of your state of happiness, for it is not an achievable thing but is already.

Manifesting what we want

We feel that there is much concern at the present time in your lives for financial gain and for survival needs. We would like to reassure you that God is ever present in your lives and that trust and faith will see you through.

There is great abundance about you within you and it is always there but for the asking. Do we not tell you frequently that you must pray and ask, and you shall receive? But often you see this as just a token, but it is not dear ones, it is the truth. You ask, can we have more than we want and the answer is always yes. There are no limits upon what you ask, there are only limits upon your mind and heart.

If you could see the bounty you live in, if you could see the richness within you, then you would have no more doubts and you would have all the answers you needed. It is true, and verily so, that what you ask for shall be granted. Be bold in your inquiring and in your quests for it is not a sin, it is not out of gratitude that these things are given to you, but rather as a gift and a pleasure to be able to give it to you.
We seek nought but to help you on your quest for your spiritual selves and it is understood that you also live in material form and certain aspects of this need to be addressed. The material is only that which in your minds is available to you that you can touch, feel and see. But beyond that is the unknown world, the unseen, that is greater and more abundant than you can ever imagine. If you could but bring that into your lives you would understand how it is all attainable.
For think about how you feel when you are hungry, what do you search for? The food. Is it not that you then bring the food to the table? So if you can do the same with your thought by asking for that which you want and see it delivered to your table, is it not the same? The limit is only in your thought process as to how it gets to your table and in what form.
For you imagine it must be beyond your reach, but in fact it is not, it is there just there, just within your reach. But you hesitate therefore you break the link. Hesitancy is part of fear. Fear dwells in the lower realms. Love instead is the giver of life. Love is that which brings to you what you want, and can have if you so desire it.

There is no limitation on what you desire either. Remember desire is not such a bad thing if it is done from the heart and from the passion of your soul. Your soul is the seed, remember? Your soul encompasses all and therefore your soul has every answer you require. It is within your soul that you will find your answers. We do wish to help you and we ask you to help yourselves. We can do the work on our level but you must bring it in on your level.

The butter is churned from milk, likewise your thoughts churn into form, is that not so? Is it not so that what you think you also reap? Be careful then how you think for that you shall manifest. Bring into life that which you really want. Be imaginative and creative in your thought. Bring it about with love, nurturance and guidance. Do not think yourself defeated because no it has not happened, but instead revise, review and cut away those things that do not belong in that thought.
Manifestation is the ability to bring about. And to be able to bring about you must desire it, and to desire it means to really be in touch with that part of you that wishes to bring things into form. Be clear on what you desire.

Fear not for your welfare. Your welfare is in good hands. Increase your energy levels by keeping thoughts on things of a higher nature such as: beauty, joy, infinity, love, immensity, creativity, imagination. Because to imagine is to bring the image into action. Does that resound with you? Imagination is the most wonderful ability. It can transform your lives.

Fear not for we are with you. Fear not for we light the way. Fear not for there is love, compassion, joy and much, much devotion. Be open always to your heart to your soul, remember that these things are the most important. And although you have material wants and needs, these are only second to your soul and heart, for those are the things that you bring with you, and are with you forever and ever.
It is not so much a quest for the most grand or the biggest or the most wonderful, but instead it is the quest of knowing and being yourself, who you are. And who you are is always with you and will not be taken from you.
Remember you have been blessed with the soul, for this is the most important of all, for this is who you are. The light in you is the light of love and acceptance. Accept this and know it.

Do you have any questions?

Q: We seem to be missing something in terms of being able to manifest what we want. I know that positive attitude is one part but what are we doing wrong?

You are doing nothing wrong. For there is nothing that you can do but be, and what you are is who you are and there is nothing wrong with that. Manifestation comes from the belief that, that which you want is already yours. So the seed must be planted in order to grow. Correct?

A: Yes.

Therefore, if the seed contains all then why will it not grow?

Q: What is the seed?

he thought.
In order for you to manifest you must nurture and grow the seed, the thought. Manifestation comes from prayer, from being in truth with yourself and knowing exactly what you want, but not just hinting or saying - oh yes I'd like this, oh well I'd like that. It is more a purposeful interaction. Remember I said to you imagination is image in action, if you have an image then you must place it into action. The seed, the thought, bring it to life, water it, feed it, nurture it.

Manifesting does not just come from saying "I want this". But it does come from continually acknowledging its presence whether it be or not be yet. Acting as if that which you want has already come to pass. Therefore be careful how you pronounce words and how you pronounce your state of being for that is what you are pronouncing to be in the present moment, for that is who and what you are. Therefore if manifesting is in the present moment what is it you are manifesting?
If there be doubt, that is what you manifest. Doubt is the enemy of manifestation. There cannot be doubt in manifesting. For manifesting comes from knowing. Knowing exactly that which you wish to have or be.
Manifesting is your birthright. It is like a magic wand. When you conjure up a wish with a wand you are precise, you are not wishy-washy, this, that, maybe if. You are now and present and aware, and you cannot make mistakes or you cannot say things that are not going to be, for if you do, that is what you manifest.

Does this make sense?

A: I have to think about it more.

Think less, act more, think not with your head but with your heart, ask within. That is your manifesting process. Adjust yourself to your heart not your head, for your heart is the antenna. Your heart is that which reaches out and touches. Your heart is that which is in tune not your head.

Communicating with the self

Seek to be always in constant alignment with yourselves. This is the most important of your journeys. The alignment of self with self is very important to the outcome of the spiritual path.
Your soul's purpose must be in alignment with who you are and where you are going. Do not feel discouraged in searching for that which you are looking for.
The paths are many around you and there is much to do. Follow whichever path is in accord with your own belief. However the soul's path is more important and much more appropriate in arriving at a destination of self fulfilment.

Be hospitable with yourself, this is the most underestimated act that each of you forgets. You are hospitable with others but not with the self.
Allow the self to be and feel welcomed. Treat the self as you would treat another.
The self is sometimes berated and cast aside and forgotten about because we must do what we must do. Remember the self needs encouragement and to be held in respect. There is nothing wrong with this.

Choose wisely the words that you speak for these things are very much a part of the imprint of your coming to learn more about self.
Do not treat words lightly. Be very respectful with words. Announce things with great love and abandon. Do not say things for the sake of saying something.
Silence is also very important for it commands respect and brings you into the knowingness of what it is to just be.
Do not feel that you must do certain things in order to achieve certain things. Do what it is that makes you feel comfortable and alive and ready to pursue that which is your soul's desire.
Spend time each day alone for 15 or 20 minutes enjoying the company of yourself. This will increase your awareness of who you are and also energise the self and the soul.

Often people spend too much time with others, and more importantly are preoccupied with pleasantries and engaging in of the other, and therefore decrease their chances of understanding self. This too is good, however remember the self must also be treated as one would treat the other.

It is a rather beautiful thing to do to engage in silent conversation with yourself. When one does this we ask that you meditate for this brings great solace and understanding of the current situation one finds oneself in.
Engaging in silent conversation with self will open up many more doors than one would by engaging in conversation with a hundred or more people. It is good to learn from one another but it is much more important to learn from the self.

There are many wisdoms that have yet to be uncovered. To this day there are many of you searching for answers that have been long forgotten.
You ask about the state of your financial welfare, but you do not ask about the welfare of your soul and the wisdom there contained. If you but spend 20 minutes of your earth time in conversation with self you will find many, many wisdoms that you would never find in conversations with others.

Sitting in conversation with self, takes practice, determination and focus. It does not happen in one sitting.
It might be that you have been practicing for many years but have you really conversed with self. We encourage you greatly to pursue such things and await your explorations and insights.

While exploring with oneself one can go to many different places and understand and see the truth that lies there. For that truth is the only truth that should be respected and held up for it is the truth of your own soul.

Platitudes are many and more than one can say. Words can become more than one can hear, therefore hear the silence of your own soul and listen to the bountiful wisdom therein.

Q: In what ways can we communicate with the soul? Sometimes it is difficult to pick up the language, and is there a difference between the soul and what we call the higher self?

The best way to communicate with the soul is through meditation. For the soul is deep within oneself and all around.
You are in constant communication with the soul. However you do not understand it's words for you are always around the outside of you. That's why when you begin to draw silence towards you, you become more in touch with that part of you called the soul or the spirit.
The higher self is similar but not the same. Your soul is your essence, your spark your seed. The higher self is another self over that which is you.

One method we would recommend is that you write the words that come from being silent. For when you commence to write that which you have already experienced in silent communication, your understanding of the soul and the communication thus will begin, because you have integrated that which you already know into paper onto form into earth.

It is up to you at which time of the day you prefer to do this. And definately your own plan. You will see that words will come to you when you ask questions. By not fighting so much with receiving an answer, but being open to whatever comes in form to you.

Do not give up quickly, persist if you can. For it will benefit you greatly in the larger aspect of your journey.
You will also engage in a greater understanding of learning for it will open up more channels to greater wisdom that you have not been able to access.
You will be able to ask questions upon any topic and receive answers you would not have imagined would come. You will be surprised at the information coming to you.
The deliberate act of writing also helps because it is an exercise in which you engage all senses. And the writing will flow when you start to open to allowing the information in.

On love, and doing the work we love

The energy of love is the highest energy upon all galaxies, all dimensions.
Love does not fear. Love is its own true essence and is always unconditional. Where love abides there cannot be fear, for love encompasses the essence of justice, truth. Love is the truth, the essence.
Love of self, love of others, love of just being.
Create within yourselves the truth and you will find that you have created the reality into which you have become.
It is very gladdening to see that many of you have opened your hearts, your charkas, to receive joy, to receive truth.
You must also encourage those who you know to do the same. You can never push or force but by speaking of love it is then multiplied, it is then received more readily.
Have you this day a day of joy?
Speak from your own souls.
Accomplish within yourselves that which you have come to learn.
Encourage within yourselves the opportunity to increase your love, your wisdom and that which is the truth of yourselves.

This can be applied to your work situations also.
Find the solution of joy within yourself and that will give you your solution to financial worries.
Do the work that pleases you not that which pleases others.
In terms of your work – it is helpful to inquire where does your joy come from. What gives you pleasure in working and giving, for the benefit of not only yourself but that of humanity? How does it serve others and yourself?
What work would give you satisfaction and would allow you to be who you are at all times?
This is where you will find joy, and this is where the money will come from.
It is not a matter of avoiding that which is your responsibility but in being sure that you are not working only for money but for the joy of what you do.
Listen to this, be in touch with this, for this will set you free in many ways.

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