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Dolphins and whales

Q: How intelligent are Dolphins and Whales and what is their relationship to humans?

The creatures of the sea have much to offer the humans for they have with them knowledge of millennia within their genetic makeup.
They have a common link for they are of similar species but evolved to different forms.
The Whale is a very intelligent and aware being. They have been roaming the seas for many millennia. They are connected with the Sirian energies.
Their importance is of stabilising the frequencies of the Earth's oceans and to bring messages from the Sirian entities. They communicate frequently with Sirius and have brought great comfort to many who have sought inspiration from them.
The Dolphins also play the part in the evolution of intelligence for they communicate with not only their own species but those of other animal kingdoms.
In fact they have been able to bring messages to those around the globe more than any other creature can for they communicate instantly with one another and can pick up messages from the outer reaches of the Earth and from other planets.
Especially when visited upon your Earth by other beings who have come to make requests of other intelligences upon the Earth. The first beings that greet these are the Dolphins. For they understand the communication they receive through the alien species.
They are very knowledgeable and have great communications to give to all creatures that inhabit the Earth and beyond.

Q: Are you talking about telepathic communication?

Yes, and they communicate through sound and through understanding higher frequencies and giving messages through the same. They have the ability to adapt their frequencies to that of other alien species.
They are the peace bearers of the Earth.
It is important that governments and all humans save these creatures and protect them from any harm. For they are the one link to the other planets that has not yet been identified, although many have channeled this information through.
The governments and researchers have yet to be convinced of this. But there will be research done that explains this. Further down the track there will be much advancement in this endeavour.

Although similar but not the same, Whales and Dolphins communicate and respect each other and they often will bring messages to each other that conveys the need of the many.
The Dolphins too are of Sirian ancestry and have, like the humans, different levels of evolution.
There are Dolphins who are here to serve a higher purpose and come as peace bearers. There are those of lower evolution who are only here for survival and are not interested in the higher processes of their spiritual existence.
Those who have come to serve human kind and the world are doing so in as many numbers as possible. The pods of Dolphins are increasing. It has been observed that their behaviour is out of the ordinary, for they know and sense what is happening to the Earth's perimeters and to its evolutionary change.
The Sirians communicate very frequently with their own, and it is their intention to bring peace to the Earth through their communication with the Dolphins.
They are very intelligent and loving creatures and have always been a guide for the human. They come in love and service to humans and many of you have already understood their presence here and noticed their love and humanitarian qualities.
The Dolphin is a creature that has been given the chance to bring great love and joy and peace to the human. In fact they are your brothers and sisters and should be respected as such.
It is important that you make them your friends and bring their plight to the notice of politicians and of the researches and scientists. They are not to be experimented with, but are to be greeted with love.
There is a Dolphin for each and everyone of you who wishes to communicate. They are great companions and because of their ability to perceive high frequencies they can communicate through the aethers with those who are channeling or connected to the higher realms.
They are unconditionally loving creatures and place no judgement or conditions to be needed or loved. They give love essentially and that is their purpose. They bring peace with them for that is their nature.

The high frequencies they communicate on have the ability to penetrate even the greatest barriers. Because of this they are able to send messages of subliminal quality.
It is useful to replicate their high frequency tones for these present within themselves messages of peace and love.
The Sirian energy is one of love and peace and total abandonment and very giving in nature. It has been part of the Earth's makeup for a very long time. They are blended within the human DNA as is the Pleiadian energy but are different in nature.
The Pleiadian energy has more power and leadership qualities whereas the Sirian energy is in service to that of the other. For this reason many of you have differing views on matters and sometimes feel more in line with one or the other.

Please treat the creatures of the sea with love and respect for they bring with them so much knowledge and they love to serve and be of human help whenever possible.

Time travel

Q: We hear of things like the Philadelphia Experiment where time travel was supposed to have happened. Is time travel possible? What is the nature of time?

Whatever is possible in the mind is possible in the body. Therefore if your mind is capable of travelling in time then you are capable also in body.
It is not as you think it. Time is just a machination of what the people wish it to be, for you have developed time as a means of control.
There are many sub structures to the issues of what you are asking. It is impossible for your scientists to theoretically prove time travel for they would be overwhelmed and blown away.
It is a matter of being open and knowing that if you are everywhere at the one time then you have already travelled.
You have heard that some can be in two places at once, how do you explain that?
Well it is a matter of molecular dispersion and transference of mind and particles from one place to another.
Therefore it is possible to travel in what you call time but in effect it is not time that is being travelled through but rather molecular particles that are travelling through molecular particles.

Q: This implies that everything is happening all at once and what we experienced is still going on at some level. Can that be changed by transporting particles to those other levels or places?

There is a much greater issue and question at hand, it is not as simple to answer as you would like it to be.
The first issue is choice and free will. The experiences you have are a result of your own choice to have them. To go back and re-experience what you have chosen and make a different choice would imply a different outcome. For you cannot experience the same outcome with a different choice.
There is also at play the soul's commitment to see through that which it has already made a choice to experience.

There is also the other factor of the collective karmic choice of those involved in the same process and with the same outcome that the soul is involved in.
To fix or erase a particular moment would then determine a different outcome and could physically destroy a particular happening situation.

It is not easy to explain the concept of travelling in time for in reality time does not exist.
For if you ponder on the situation here and now is here and now, past is past and the future is still to come. Therefore you are now here and you are always here and now.
However if you go back you are then in a different time and place and the here and now exists in that time and place for you, but you are dealing with the here and now of this moment.

Time as a clock time only exists in the human imagination. Therefore to travel in time is a fantasy as well, but it is a possibility - although an advanced possibility because it is not for the closed minded person and has various issues at hand as I have already stated.
Therefore, can one travel in time? Yes one can, but you have to disregard time as such, for past present and future are all in the same imprint and space.

Jesus, Mary Magdalene, the Pope and Christianity

Q: How close is what is written in the bible to what actually happened in regards to Jesus?

Many parts of the life of Jesus have not been referenced in actuality. A lot of the scripture that was written is only in part correct.
This was a man who had travelled much. Who had learned much in his own studies. Many of his learnings were of the occult and of an esoteric nature.
He wore many hats. The account that is written about his crucifiction is correct, as is also his making of miracles.
This was a being who had a DNA structure that was different to that of a normal human being.
He was not of the Earth plane, but a mixture of human and Sirian species.
His life was exemplary. He had great knowledge and used it wisely.
He was confronted by a time that did not reflect the truth. His was a mission of generating seeds in order to instigate a greater understanding. He spoke of many things but was not always quoted correctly.
His blood line has much gentleness and overwhelming ability to bring forth truth in others. Therefore, to meet Christ or Jesus was a very confronting experience. Not because it was frightening but because it was in essence touching the heart and the soul. Very few people on your planet are able to be of this essence.
He was cognisant of his mission. He knew of that which was his end and accepted freely that which was his destiny. Thus it is called, but it is not necessarily fated. He was willing to accept that which was his calling or mission. He knew that he would then be able to progress to the next level. And thus accepted also that he was to re-appear to those he became closest to.
Be not fooled by that which is being given to you in scripture for it is not all as it was.

Q: It has been suggested recently that Mary Magdalene was married to Jesus and that they might have had children together. Is this true?

However, Mary Magdalene was a strong part of his life.
She understood him and they understood each other very well. But they never partook in a physical relationship.
She was very intelligent and had a thirst for knowledge. He was her teacher, and encouraged her to be a leader. But it was never written about her because at that time women weren't given voice.
However she had a following of her own that she took to France.

Q: Can you comment about the recent election of the Pope and where Christianity is heading?

The question of Christianity is not so much our interest, but rather we view it as part of your own journey on planet Earth.
Each one of you has formulated different ideas from different upbringings and practices. The current view of what is Christianity does not correlate with the essence of the Christed figure.
Christianity has been a force, which has collectively gained momentum but is now declining.
Its original conception was to unite all men and women in the one belief. Of course this is not possible, for any dogmatic view requires an opposite reaction. One has only to view in your lifetimes that which has resulted from adopting permanent and fixed views.
The main purpose of religion is to control that which is the outpouring of emotion and searching from each individual. Because no one can give a definitive answer to questions religion has it's own inbuilt failures. Therefore, you may be part of a Christian religious order and yet not agree with its way of operating and consequently are torn between your loyalty to be in that order and your burgeoning questions on what you believe to be untruth.
It is therefore a cyclical, repetitive, dogmatic and insufficient line of approach to any situation.

The Lord Master Jesus did not ask that one be so divided, but that one be open and trust one's own soul and way of learning. He came to teach truth and love, forgiveness and suffering,
Not that all this must be followed, but he had opportunity to give of himself and took this as being his purpose. This then became the purpose of those that served a righteousness, which was not the truth.
The role of the Pope as a Catholic Christian is in its waning phase. The cardinal Ratzinger is a man of many talents. He has led a very basic life.
He is of great intelligence, purpose, and courage and able to move in the direction in which he and his current followers wish to move.
It is not by accident that he was chosen, for he is the ultimate sacrificial lamb. And thus will be announced his departure. It will not be for some time, but it will generate a great debate.

Q: How do you mean departure?

He will not be in this position as head of the Catholic Church for too great a period. Much will develop that will not be able to sustain his continued presence.
As such Christianity and all fashions of religious fanaticism are only sides of the same coin. None are wise enough to open their eyes to this.
There is no right or wrong, only there is. But by placing that which you consider right as your God then this in itself is not righteous. But is an arrogance of credo.

So, to answer your question, there will be a slow decline of all faiths. For there can be no fanaticism, or one dogmatic way. The world is not tuning into this method any more.
It is now ready to become whole again. Ready to allow for true spirituality and truth in spirituality to be heard. As always, when speaking of time it is irrelevant upon your planet, for time on your planet is not the same as time in spirituality - we have none. It is as though it is already happening.

Psychic predictions, destiny and free will

Q: How do psychic predictions work?

All predictions are made from what is perceived as the truth at the time.
Some have a greater ability of seeing than others.
Sometimes predictions focussed on a particular outcome will hold true because that thought will create it. The conditions are brought about because that is what is expected.
Some are more beholden to that truth and therefore create the circumstances to bring about such.
However, all have free will, all have a choice whether to act or not.

There are many factors that come into this.
One who sees can project into the future by just mentally focussing on that which is the future and seeing what comes up of that time.
If that truth is held onto strongly then necessarily steps are taken to walk that path and bring about that future.
However, because you are all given free will, then you are also given opportunities and circumstances that can change that which is given to you.
If you hold true to that thought it can influence the outcome, if for example an earthquake is predicted it may come about.
However, if you are given ample warning that an earthquake is coming you can evacuate and alleviate the dangers of such an event.
If I said to you that you would marry in 10 years, if you believed such then you will make every effort at a subconscious level to let that happen, if that was your wish.
If it was something you feared you would make every effort to prevent such. But by focussing on it, albeit in a negative way, you could in fact help to bring it about through thinking about it.
There are many, many circumstances and factors involved in the process of prediction.

Q: How do long term predictions succeed? Is it a consequence of picking up on the prevailing thought forms?

There are many possibilities. There is no one true mechanism.
It is the ability to allow the third eye to be open. To tune in and allow for things to come into the area of the third eye.
It can be facilitated by placing yourself in that particular future. If you concentrate your effort in that particular moment in time you will bring about a picture or mental image of what is happening then.
Nothing happens without thought. Nothing happens without form following thought.

So yes, the prevailing thought form can be an indicator to the future outcome.

Q: There are predictions where people were unaware of the prediction?

There are many possibilities, but we choose the one where the belief is strongest. For example, Nostradamus had a strong belief that what he was seeing was true, and his mind was strong, so the intention of the person seeing helps create that reality.

Q: Do you mean his readings may have influenced outcomes for us?

Yes, because we believe that to be true, or to be a possibility.

Q: If he did not predict those things would they still have come about?

Only if it was necessary for the world to go through that. Yes.
But consciousness would have been building up to that.
You can’t say that just because of a thought something is going to happen.
The intention of making something happen makes it a possibility.
But there are many possibilities on that one intention.
For example, if you predict something, if you believe that strongly enough you can force the outcome, regardless of other people’s intention. But if the other people’s intention is stronger than yours it will force a different outcome.
There are many possibilities.
Most people are lazy and don’t want to put the effort into bringing things about, they just prefer to let life happen rather than create.

Q: Is it then that what happens is a collection of all the different people’s intentions, or is there a higher influence at work?

Yes. But it is not that simple.
There is something like a matrix at work. So karma or destiny is also a part of the complex influences.
However the mind creates these as well at some point. If there were no thoughts the karma and destiny would not be there.

Q: What is destiny in this context?

Destiny is the belief of what is to come. It runs alongside free will.
If you lean in your beliefs towards destiny then that will influence your outcome, but if you lean towards free will then you have more opportunities because you are not seeing only one path.
Destiny is also influenced by the collective thought forms which can impact on one’s own free will, including karmic effects due to thought forms from past lives.
In particular, if one believes strongly in karma this in itself can limit you because you will act according to that belief instead of acting from a space of choice that comes from a belief of free will.
People sometimes prefer the destiny or karmic option because they then don’t have to take responsibility. For example with beliefs such as: “that’s what God has given me”, “this is my lot in life” – so that you set the boundaries of your choices making it difficult to step beyond those borders.
The belief in a controlling God figure or some rule giver makes people feel secure. However it is also a limitation, you close yourself to other possibilities and opportunities.

Q: People are born with different life circumstances and limitations. This is presumably because of past choices and thought patterns?

Yes. When you are born you have your contracts and intentions that are taken on in a particular lifetime, however you do not necessarily have to follow these.
Even if people are sometimes born with disabilities and handicaps they are still able to overcome these and make a better life for themselves than some who are able.
Many factors come into the direction that a particular life unfolds.

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