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This category looks at different aspects of life on planet Earth and human nature generally.

The power of thoughts

Thoughts are the emissions of your soul and they are the seeds which you have been given custody of.
Your thoughts can therefore prevent you from being able to carry on with that which you have already set in motion. If you think of a certain thing persistently it will become a part of your unconscious and deliberate action.
But if you so choose to alter the thoughts and are aware of the choices you make, you have the ability to change the outcome.

Q: How do thoughts from the past affect us? Such as from past lives, and how long does it take to overcome these with positive thinking or not thinking in a certain way?

The thoughts of your past and past lives in effect is who and what you are. Until you remember and continually change within your own self, that thought becomes part of the soul.
In fact the soul cannot change its essence, however it can change its approach to being.
When you are enlightened upon matters, your previous thoughts can be eradicated if you wish by simply pointing to the highest thought. In fact the higher the thoughts the less the lower thoughts have impact. For surrounding oneself with the highest thoughts one can become more and more enveloped in the beauty and joy of thinking this way.
The negative thoughts keep us in the lower forms and continue to exacerbate our choices in life. Therefore a lifetime of thinking negatively can impact upon the next lifetime, but it is not necessarily so that you will have a negative life. Because you become more aware each time you incarnate you have the possibility of becoming more and more able to overcome these thoughts.

The nature of emotions

Q: What is the nature of emotions?

The nature of emotions is found in the seeds of the thoughts of man.
Emotions come from each person's reactions to a particular thing. Emotions build upon one's thoughts, and become part of one's actions. Emotions can therefore become a driving or compulsive reaction.

Emotions do not come from the heart as one would believe, they come from the mind. Emotions are that which you believe to be true, whether you believe that love is true or joy or hate or jealousy, they then become true for you. Emotions reside in sight and in smell and in touch.
Emotions do not reside within the spirit, for the spirit has no emotions, it is pure light. It is purity. Thoughts come in from the soul but the soul is pure, it is not driven by anything but itself.
Emotions come from a convoluted way of thinking. Emotions develop because they are taught to us. Spirit does not feel them. It cannot feel have or do, it is.

Remember you come not into the world as human but as spirit, which is part of a human being.
You attract upon yourself the outward nature of the environment in which you live. Therefore you become a part of the behavioural and instinctual nature of those around you.
Isn't that so? That many of you have different emotions according to a different environment or way of being. If you were to be brought up in a way where emotions were not taught to you, would you then have the same emotions?

That is the paradox of your being human. For being is your essence and you forget where you come from and have to be reminded accordingly. The nature of the human is in fact to overcome these emotions and be.
In a funny paradoxical way you are there to learn to become the soul again and to experience as much as you can. But to become also that which you already are.
Who are you? You are the light, and the light has no essence or thoughts or any other emotions, it just is.
And how funny is it that you are and you do not see. You are the light but you do not see. You sense what you are but you forget and yet you keep reminding yourself by asking the questions.

GM foods and chemical additives

Q: What sort of an effect do genetically modified foods have on our health, and how important is it to eat organic?

The consequences of your meddling has not been fully understood as yet.
The modification of food is neither right or wrong, it is as it is. Within the molecular structure of food there are many issues to be considered.
The natural growth of food has been modified over the millennia and as such the original form has been slightly modified as it were.

Many still contribute to the depletion of nutrients by applying artificial chemicals to enhance the growth of same, and these are eaten and digested. The consequence to your physical aspect is quite dramatic, for not only does your system have to ingest poisons that have a long term effect, it also affects your aetheric form. For your aetheric form absorbs from your physical form and any misalignment within the aetheric form affects the physical.
The modification of food has been prevalent in recent times. That is why some of you have initiated the growth of organic foods, without the use of chemically enhanced produce. This is a method of production that is closer to its natural form.
Therefore when assimilated into the physical it is then able to function in its natural way as it was meant to. If the food eaten has been tampered with, it can only tamper with the physical self. If your aetheric body is weakened your physical body is also weakened.
Therefore it is necessary to make sure the aetheric body receives natural and nutritious input, not only from foods that have been grown organically, but also from your thoughts which if organic in nature then produce the same result.

The aetheric body is a very important part of the human field. It is quite undiscovered and needs to be brought to the attention of the many. The aetheric body has the function of protecting the physical and whatever manifests in the aetheric manifests in the physical.
There are some of you that are working on aetheric cleansing and also the manipulation of the aetheric bodies to align with the physical. If this is done properly it has the affect of stimulating the correct parts and grids of the body to align perfectly with the aetheric, which has the affect of balancing the whole person.
The aetheric is misunderstood and has a role that is imperative in the application of new ideas that will eventually contribute to the well being of humans. In fact the aetheric body was well known to the Pleiadian and Sirian people, and is also well known among the other inhabitants of the universe. The human species has yet to make its mark on understanding the function of the aetheric - all in time.

Be aware of your aetheric body, you will feel its presence around you. It is larger than your physical body and surrounds your physical body at about half a meter all around. Some have larger aetheric bodies depending on the clarity of one's system, mind and spiritual intention.
It is often imagined in a colour of white, this is good but if you imagine a rose colour upon your aetheric it will enhance its function even more so. For the rose colour that is closest to pink, but no so dark, has the ability to enhance the aetheric immunity.
Pink is a misunderstood colour and has been associated with the feminine energy and has been misused, but the hue of pink is the blend of white and red, but more so white.
We remind you to often enclose your aetheric in a pink vibration for it is not essentially a light but a vibration that is needed. If you will, like swirls of pink light starting from the bottom of your aetheric body working its way to the top and then cascading back down.
If you are able to visualise this many times a day your aetheric, physical, spiritual and mental bodies will be much more sustained and be in alignment with each other.

Human cloning

At present there is much concern about safety and survival of the species. This is due to great fear and the belief that there will be no others to carry on from the population that exists.
What must be remembered is that there will be different ways of enabling the colonisation of the Earth, for it will be more of a cloning system rather than a birthing system.

This will come as a shock to some and there will be many who will be protesting at this. Birth is a natural and beautiful experience, and although the cloning experience seems cold and unfeeling, it will be another means of creating another being.
But this has much to be explored and determined for there are many implications. However, with time the minds of many will change and be more accepting rather than judgemental of this process.
It will be very fearful for most at first for it will seem as though their power has been taken away. However it is only another step in evolution and the beginning of a new understanding and era.

Politics and spirituality

Q: What is the likelyhood that politicians will adopt more spiritual values and approaches?

Politics is a very difficult business and is embroiled in many different areas, for the ego is very strong in this arena. Not only in the individuals but also as a grouping and as a nation.
For politics is a multidimensional arena. It consists of playing the game as it were. For much of what happens in politics is not always because of correct and truthful insight but rather as a way to continue being elected and maintain factions and support.

There is a small government in Europe where spiritual political concepts will be introduced. The country is Lichtenstein.
This introduction of spiritual awareness will be like a shock wave to the political arena. There will be disbelief, and many will try to make fun of these people or discredit them and will not take them seriously.
But surprisingly these people will rise up and show that their community is greater and more cohesive than most and this will act like a ripple and introduce itself to other political systems in the world.

As I have said to you before, do not see this as starting tomorrow, for it will take time. The world is going through a great change as is the Earth and therefore the change is very difficult.
The process of enlightenment and spiritual awareness is a very slow one but will eventually be part of everyday life of those in the world.

The secret of money

[We include here one of the more light hearted (yet still insightful) channelings from old Jack, an Irish guide]
[See also the related article "Manifesting what we want"]

It's not so much a secret, but a way, a way of being. So don't be bothered with the heaviness.
You see - if you look at money and you look at the light then you'll find the truth, the secret and the key. For the lightness of the money is the key to attracting more money.

If you look at the shiny bits and you see the reflection then you'll see yourself reflected in there. And that's where the money is, it's in you.
First you open up your heart, turn the key, open the door and the money shall come. But you gotta be wise about it. Don't be too daft, don't be too strung up and wanting it with all your might.
Just let it come, flowing through, just like a river, and then you'll know that it's in there. In your heart and ready to go, ready to flow.
So if you're wanting to bring in the money then just ask for it, and it will come. But you gotta be happy about it. You gotta be glad for it.
You can't just snap your fingers and there it is. No, just remember money ain't all there is to know, but it sure does help I know.
So if you're wantin' more money then bring the sunshine in. Let it shine through you. Don't be goin' all shy. Don't be goin' all sad. Open up that heart, open it up - come on. Let it in, let it in.

You see, the secret is to have but not to hold. The secret is to give and not worry about it.
You see, the human likes to have, it likes to possess, it likes to be greedy. But don't be so greedy, dooon't let it worry you. Cause worrying about it won't bring it in.
But if you let it go - well, there is no tellin' where it will come from. But like all of ya - you're too hooked up in all your doing.

So here it is, I'll give ya a shilling. OK - and you put that in your heart, and you let that mature. And it'll grow, it'll grow. But you can't be clever about it, you just let it be, and let it stay in your heart.
So, what I'm saying to ya, darlin' - is don't be so crunched up about it. Don't get so moody about it. When you find yourself moody you know what you say - well to hell with it. Hey, I'm here I'm alive, I'm livin' and who cares. One day goes another one comes.

So - take that shilling, put it in your heart, let it grow. It will become a mound. It will become overflowing, because you'll forget about it. You won't know, you'll say - oh where is that shilling that good old Jack gave me.
So - here it is, can you see it now? There it goes, into your heart - pop!
Now what you do is cross your heart, and you say: "I got the shilling, I got the heart, and I'll let it stay and never part. And there it is, and there it'll stay, and then one day it'll grow, it'll grow."

So, take it then and in your heart, here it goes.
So good for you, and others too. Share the story if you will, and tell them true - it's Jack that's here, that told the truth of where the shilling is meant to be. And where the money secret is.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Q: What is the main cause of CFS and what advice would you give to the sufferers?

Chronic fatigue begins in the immune system - it is a breakdown, a dissolving. This eventuates because the person has been disenchanted, has been given false hope, has struggled to overcome difficulty, has become disillusioned by what they see.
Those who suffer from such a condition usually have a highly idealistic view of the world. They are humanitarians, believing in ideals and consequently cannot get to terms with reality as they find it.
They begin to lose faith, begin to lose interest. They begin to shrink inwards, becoming internalized. They wish to be left alone.
These are the more important issues, the underlying causes.
There are different levels of this, but the central issue is of misunderstanding, of not being heard, of not being listened to.
It is a great disturbance of all the senses, and especially of the physical shell. The nervous system contributes to the breakdown of the body.
People feel disenchanted because for the most part they feel insignificant, unwanted, unloved.
They cannot cope with the pressures of day to day living. It becomes a trial rather than a joy to be.
It is as though the light has been spent, has been shut off.
This is only because they do not understand that they have a voice, a reason to be. Rather they seek acknowledgement from their peers and those around them.

It is a malady that is difficult to correct because many of your experts are still not properly trained to understand the cause.
It is the light of the soul that needs to be ignited, to be warmed. It is that these individuals have lost their ability to be.
They must be heard, they must be given voice. Many wish to speak but hold back from such. Consequently there is a suppression of the immune system.
It is as though a collapse occurs on a spiritual and eventually on a physical level. This is not an externally obvious malady, the symptoms manifest outwardly but it is more an issue of spiritual alignment.
Many who are unaware of the situation cannot hold the physical body together and fade more quickly. They give up hope because they haven’t got anyone supportive around them. It becomes a burden and consequently it is easier to leave than to stay.
Those who have spiritual awareness have a greater success rate in rehabilitation. They have a greater ability to understand what the causes are rather then just the symptoms.
Because of this condition there is also a possibility of greater spiritual progress, for those who grapple with this will with time understand their true natures.
For when the sufferers reach a deeper understanding of what they have to offer, of their purpose – their symptoms will begin to decrease. They begin to gain strength and vitality. For it is this that is essentially lacking in them. Vitality to be, vitality to work, to be in the physical.

The physical body can only survive if the vitality of the spirit is alive, and will collapse otherwise.
Many sufferers are confused, feel abandoned, feel as though they are alien to this life. They sometimes feel they do not belong in such a cruel world. They wish to depart, not wanting to be in such a heavy and dense space.
If the individual understands their true purpose they then have the ability to develop a more prosperous, uplifted and contented life in the physical form.
Their transformation can then give others hope. For coming out of this cycle brings a greater understanding, almost as thought one has made a 180o degree turn. It transforms the thinking, it enlivens the heart, it gives purpose to being. One must oneself find a true purpose. It is then that this malady can be overcome.
The physical pain of the sufferers is real, a most debilitating crushing and helpless state of being.
It is as though they are between worlds for they wish to be in a world where they do not have to fight continually to be heard. It is that the world needs to listen to them to give them voice, to allow them to speak, to allow them to be.
This is not an ego thing but a voice of the soul. The voice of the spirit must be heard.

We suggest that the sufferers keep a journal of their feelings, of their outlook.
They could then come together and share, and in time bring these feelings out in public to help them understand.
There is a lot of misunderstanding about this. There are medical experts working on different cures, but the real cure can only come from the sufferer.
For once they tap into the truth of their being they can transform not only themselves but also others who have this disease.


Q: What is the main cause of Cancer and what advice would you give to the sufferers?

Cancer is an erosion, it is an erosion of the soul. It eats away at that which is the true purpose.
For those who suffer from such a disease it is usually because they have not come to terms with who they are, why they are here, and what their purpose is. They struggle, they fight and become increasingly resentful of what life is.
Cancer starts in different parts of the body. It can begin within the bowel and travel further into the different organisms and organs.
It is also a way of expressing, for the soul needs to express itself. People who have this disease often carry a great sadness, they feel cut off, have been doing mostly rather than being.
It is a disease which erodes, because it's purpose is that, to erode the cells.
Many of you believe it is because of what you eat, of your lifestyle. This has a bearing but only a small bearing, it is more how you think.
It is the sadness of the heart that causes this, the sadness of the mind.
It is not being able to express the self, and frequently those who suffer from this disease are very unhappy in their life in some way. They have abused something in themselves, not necessarily in physical form but they have abused themselves on a soul level.
They have come to experience this because it is part of their need to understand, to be helped, to be loved, to be cared for.
Many of those who suffer from this disease see no hope for themselves or the world. But this is all part of the inner understanding, the subtle inner understanding.
Most become a victim of the situation, for they then feel there is no way out. They give over of themselves to another in hope that this disease will be cured.
Your doctors have no real understanding of how to treat this. They experiment, they try, they have been successful with some of your cases, but mostly they attack it. It is not in attaking this disease that it will be overcome. It is in understanding the fundamental attitude the fundamental belief that the person had which led to this.
Some people who have this disease are fighting themselves, are fighting an attitude, are resisting a change, are holding on to a situation. Because they know not better.
They try to alleviate the situation by suppressing what they feel.
It is re-learning what it means to be that is more important. To understand where they come from, to know light, to know joy. For if you have joy and light within your system you cannot have this disease.
It cannot come unless there is hatred, there is resentment, unless there is some form of negative attitude within.
It is accepting the self as well, accepting who they are that is important. And ironically it is only through this disease that some of them understand who they are, and relinquish the thoughts and attitudes and feelings of depression, of resentment. These other things can occur from not being at one with the self.
You live in this time of beingness, of empowerment, of enlightenment. Now is the turning tide, it is now that you will understand more of what it is to be human, to be a being of human quality.
Many will stop with all these hurt, resentment, fighting. You will come to a new solution. It is this that will turn and change how people look after themselves.
In this new energy you will have less disease and less need to be looked after. For it is in the new energy that you look after the self, and therefore have no requirement for being the victim, for being looked after.
These things will change with time and with time your attitudes will change.

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