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This section relates to matters of the soul and our higher purpose.

The nature of the soul

Q: Where do souls originate? What is the nature of the soul?

The soul has always been. There has never been a time without a soul. You are all part of the one, of the everlasting, of the oneness of life.
The split of the souls is more a manifestation of the desire to understand different experiences. Therefore creating an energy that can inhabit different aspects of the various forms of existence.
When the soul has achieved the knowledge it has sought it will return to its original form and condense this experience in order to assimilate its aspects.
When it has a need for greater experience it will then seek other existences that will bring the particular results to its quest.

The soul is always free to choose. It contains all the answers and is free to choose any type of experience.
However the soul can also remain free within its own existence, not needing to experience anything other than just being.
The soul is not so much an apparition as one might see it from the human aspect, but is always present.
When you pass away your soul remains in its essence. It does not transform into a different material. It is the body which decays and exhausts its limited time. But the soul always remains in its original form, that of being, of existence, of all that is.

To totally grasp this situation would be difficult for the mind for it would like to categorize how the soul looks, feels and goes about its business.
However the soul has no need other than to be in its original form.

Q: Why does it need these experiences then?

It is a choice of free will. There is no need for experiences unless one wishes to experience a particular essence or particular way of having, of doing.
As a soul it cannot experience the functions of a human form or an alien form, for it is not encased. It is without solidity. It is almost nebulous or liquid like in its form, if one would have to label it as something.
Imagine trying to experience food if one is not in a human form. You cannot experience pain if not in a human form.
There are many existences of different beings at different levels of different times.
Not all human beings, as you know, have the same attitudes, approaches or behaviors. Each is as distinct as the soul is distinct.

Think of the soul as the beloved. As the one that is always present and always watches over you.
As the one that is constantly searching for itself.
The soul is a living being, it is there always.

You are also part of other souls. Often the soul and group of souls seek different experiences in order to bring greater learning and understanding to its existence.
That is the primary wish of the soul, to learn, to experience and to grow.
In its own existence as a soul it can be very happy to just be. But, once again, it can also thrive on new and different experiences.
The soul is like a mirror, it reflects, it listens, it takes in that which it sees.

Q. What is the difference between one soul and another in it's essence?

Each soul belongs to a different category.
There are different levels of souls all learning and becoming more experienced in what they are wishing to be.
As the soul progresses in its journey and in its learning it takes on different aspects of that learning experience. To use an analogy, as a soul you could be as an infant or as an older more mature person.
When you have come into existence in the flesh many times over you have exhausted your purposes in exploring and understanding and learning.
The different experiences of each soul makes each individual unique. There are no two souls alike as there are no two fingerprints alike.

On reincarnation

Q: Please talk a bit more about the incarnation process. Why do souls choose to reincarnate? How do they progress? How does it all work?

As you already know everything is a choice, and by that we mean you have already understood your mission and therefore are responsible for the consequences that come. As a soul you are free and you are then given the opportunity to incarnate or not according to the lessons you wish to encounter. There is no necessity to incarnate or obligation it is your free will to do so.
Many reincarnate because they want to learn a particular facet of the human existence and continually come back to learn from what they have chosen to become. Because the soul is a free entity its purpose upon existence is to advance to the highest possible level, to the unconditional ever knowing love of being.

When the soul decides to take on an incarnation it already has advanced knowledge of the lessons to be encountered upon that lifetime. It chooses the body in which it will incarnate, the one that is the most appropriate body for that lifetime. It already has chosen the parents and therefore there is a deep connection from previous karmic lives together.
There are no chances in what is learnt through the incarnation process.
It is also one of the most difficult journeys for the soul and is a great sacrifice for the soul to take, for it can be free and live in the aethers if it wants to. But because the soul also has a yearning to learn and grow it chooses to incarnate and be of use not only to itself but to others in the process. For once it incarnates in that particular form it also implicates the lives of others in that process.

And although every moment is known it cannot be controlled for free will abides within each and everyone.
Having said that things do happen because one is meant to understand the process of what one has set in motion. For example if a soul wants to incarnate and understand what it's like to be a prisoner, it will set up circumstances to be caught and then processed as a prisoner. If that soul wants to understand what it's like to have riches and be pampered, it will choose the correct environment, parents and circumstances that will guide that soul's understanding and experience of such.

This is why it is difficult for many of the human kind to be forgiving and understanding. For they all inherently and unconsciously have on a soul level chosen these purposes but once incarnated they cannot remember what they have previously come to do because the journey is one of exploration and of unknowingness.
Although the soul creates its own circumstances it does not do so consciously for the earthling to remember. This would create great pain, that one would know one's circumstances. The only way to experience this is to go in knowingly but to not remember.
It is the earthling's experience to have pain in some form for it is the human condition.

And although one has already chosen one's particular path and lesson, it is difficult for the human not to criticise and judge for that comes with the ego.
The ego's purpose is to create fear within the self and it is the soul's purpose to overcome fear and to know and remember its original process and why it has come to incarnate in that particular lifeform.

Q: What about choosing to leave the incarnational process? We hear of having to work out one's karmic debt, or learn one's lessons, before one can leave.

The karmic debt as it is, is the leading up of events of what has been chosen. So if a soul has chosen to reincarnate it already has then the lessons within itself of any karmic debts to repay or karmic rewards to reap. And in order for the soul to do this it must remain neutral in its condition.
As previously stated the soul does not need to incarnate if it does not want to even though there may be karmic debts. There is also the ability to return karmic debts by way of helping from the other realms.
It is not necessary to incarnate to do this, however the soul that does particularly want to incarnate shows great sacrifice by coming back into a body.

It is also the state of the soul's wisdom which pertains to its particular awareness on the Earth plane.
For example those who continue to perpetrate lower based instincts are not of an advanced wisdom or knowledge but have come as young souls to experience life in the incarnated form. Their purpose is to create for themselves the experience of what it is like to be for example of a violent and treacherous nature.
Having said that, one should not judge for it is only a choice the soul has made. If all of humanity understood this, there would be less violence and less war.
Although it would also create within the soul's chosen path to be violent a reaction that if that was the choice it then has begun to change its awareness and outcomes.
This is also possible, for although a soul has already chosen a path it can with great insight and awareness become more knowledgeable of its purpose and change its condition here, and there in comes free will.
Most of the inhabitants of planet Earth are unaware of their purposes and continue to live their lives as a daily routine.

But as your consciousness becomes more aware, and with the help of those who are spiritually awakened and have seen what the truth is, the state of the world becomes more conscious and available to those who choose to follow their purposes.
So the soul can then choose to be in truth with itself or continue to conceal its truth by acting out of the ego state, which has a great effect upon mankind.
It is wonderful that many are becoming more advanced and awakened to their soul's purpose and that of consciousness. There are many lights as we see them from our position and we rejoice with the lighting up of souls that have understood their incarnation and purpose.

Some of you are still in between not knowing and falter in the choice of where you are to be.
Much of the confusion on the Earthly plane is plagued by the different religious, moral and political interferences. If more were to abide within themselves and understood their truth then more would light up their souls and peace would be abundant upon the Earth.

Q. Do animals reincarnate, do they have a soul?

Animals do reincarnate but within the animal kingdom and their own species. They do not possess qualities that are the same as yours, however they are in service to human kind for they bring much pleasure and comfort to those who love animals.
In particular they raise the vibration of companionship and nurturing in the human form. Animals are in service, and this they know for they also too receive by giving.
They give by being what they are, the companions of those humans which are sometimes caught up in not being able to open up. For some of you find it much easier to relate to an animal than to a human. This is a way in which the animal can become an example of how it is to relate to someone else.

Many of you feel unable to integrate with other human beings because of the dense vibration and aura around some of the human forms. Whereas animals become more tangible and able to interact quickly with the human form.
Most animals that have been domesticated are becoming more and more like humans. They are taking on some of the human's anxieties and some of their ills. This is happening quite a lot.
As the vibration of the human soul becomes more advanced the animals become like sponges and soak in the atmosphere or vibration of the energy in which they live. This can sometimes lead to the animal having difficulty in some form or another.
The animal then becomes like another human and reacts to different situations according to the way a human could react.

Because they are in service to humans they are a gift and must be treated with respect, joy and absolute love. For they also understand and feel love like any other spiritual form.
In fact animals will be more attracted to those who have a greater understanding and love for themselves and for them.
Animals feel very much the presence of those around them. They are more sensitive than humans, therefore they seek humans who can interact with them without being too immersed in human day to day activities.
Unfortunately some animals will still become involved with humans in a negative way as it is their purpose to take on some of the human's karma and live out that particular illness or energy that the human is going through.

Soul path and soul groups

Q: We know from esoteric knowledge that the soul chooses the body and the birth and has a pretty good idea of what type of life it is going to lead. Assuming the soul is pure and has this higher awareness why would it choose to be incarnated for example as Hitler?

Firstly it is without any malice that one comes into this world.
Secondly the soul chooses its lessons to aid its progression onto the next level of understanding. There are varying factors that come into play within an incarnation such as the personality of the individual and what is required for the highest learning for the soul.
In the case of the man called Hitler it was as you would say his destiny to be that which he had to be. There were other factors within his makeup that accelerated his descent into a spiral that took him to a different elemental base.
He was not only conscious of his decision at a soul level but he was making the decision to enact a particular consciousness that the world needed for its development as a whole.
There were elements working through the personality that were not only of human kind but many supernatural involvements of which most people are unaware. Its development was obscure and originated from a darker sphere, and was not totally of the spirit. However the soul within this individual made a choice and knew its consequences very well.
It is not a judgement but rather just another step in the evolution of one's soul path. The soul is not always of the highest consciousness for there are many developments for the soul to understand before it reaches its zenith.

Q: Does the soul therefore have a beginning? What you said would tend to imply that the soul is working from a base of some sort towards a peak?

Not necessarily. There are many other factors involved in the incarnation of a soul. The soul is not just one essence of itself but an essence of many.
Therefore, there are many essences to your soul, you are only one part. There are many out there like you who come into your sphere and make up your essence as a soul. The Hitler soul was one essence of its factor but not the entirety of who it is.

The birth of a soul is like the birth of star, it has many many factors and contains many many deliberate actions. The remnants of a star are also still functioning, although it has fallen from its original form. The soul also is made of many particles, souls and forms.
When your existence ceases upon the earth you return to the original source of your formation. Therefore you may exist upon many other planes in different form but part of one soul. Or if you wish to call them a group that one belongs to.
It is within the group that it is decided which will take on the different experiences pertaining to the soul's path. Therefore you may have many contradictions within that soul and it is so that you experience the different emotions and contradictions within yourself, for there are other parts that are experiencing the exact opposite of you. This is so because you are not part of only the human form but of many other forms in the universe.
The lessons which you desire to understand for yourself you impart to your own group, and therefore share that knowledge when you come back into the one. The time is coming when many will understand the purpose of their soul group and why they exist upon the earth as in many other locations.
The earth as a planet and consciousness is still very much in development, and the fascination with the blue planet is great amongst those who wish to explore and obtain curiosity because of the different experiences available to the soul. It is therefore particular to each individual the type of experiences that it encounters.
Because there are many of the one there is also a regrouping on a higher level which then imparts to the consciousness of that soul, for you may know many things but are unsure how you do. This is because you have other experiences being transmitted to you from your other soul group members.

Q: How do we then all come together if we are scattered in different parts of the universe?

It is upon the termination of the physical that the different elements come together. However it is not necessary to await the decomposure of each physical self, for the communication between the soul's group continue at a higher level.
You may experience communication in your dreams or in states of deep meditation. Or when you come upon information you haven't heard of before or are given information which you have been searching for by others that are part of your soul group unbeknown to you.

Fated relationships, finding the ‘One’

Fate is such a contrived, misused and misunderstood word.
There are varied forms of karmic relationships, of different levels and of different nature.
It is never a case of coincidence when such a meeting takes place, but rather a time of re-conciliation and re-awakening that which is the soul’s purpose.
Often there are previous relationships where you have not finished your work as souls together. Therefore you meet again to give to one another that which you encountered previously, and to reconcile yourselves so that you may complete this encounter.
It is not always the case that you are given the same encounter in every lifetime, for it is not always that you meet the same relationship.
Each lifetime has different lessons, but it is important to realise that each lesson in each lifetime can have similar repercussions. You meet with that soul, or souls, who can indicate a lesson that is important for your soul.
You are not fated to one another, you are reconciled to one another. Therefore you are as two sparks who have come to recognize each other’s divinity.
It is not always that there is a great lesson. It can simply be a meeting of the souls.

Q: Is there that special someone for each one of us?

It is very reasonable for the human emotional heart to want to accept only one as being the true, the only, the love, that which is the exceptional.
When you have met the one, you are only meeting that which is yourself.
The one cannot only be in the other, for the other is also searching for the one. Therefore two ones make two, not one.
To be searching for the one is to be looking for the SELF.
The ‘one’ is only a fictional state of mind. It is rather the state of wholeness not separateness that brings two people together.
If the one is consciously looked for it negates all that is within, for one cannot be in another truly. Therefore there is not one for each one of you but there is the self, which is the truth.
When you find qualities which are similar to yourself in another then you become entwined, you understand each other, you become attuned.
But you can have many different feelings and relationships with others and find parts of yourself in many.
It is this that can destroy a relationship - for all bets are cast upon one rather than allowing the variety of qualities that is the self to be seen in others.
Therefore, understand that you are the totality of your being, not just the collection of that which is reflected in others

Moving from earth to the afterlife and back

When the mortal body ceases to exist the soul is essentially freed from its human form.
It arises out of the head and sees itself, but is not quite aware of what has happened. If it is a prolonged death then it is more aware of its demise. If it is a sudden death it can be quite a shock for it does not understand what has occurred.
Most souls will linger for a while until they are satisfied of having tied all loose ends. It is then that they can ascend to the light and be met by those who are greeting them.
In the process of ascension they are met by angels who carry them to the next world. There they are greeted by those who have known them in previous lifetimes and in the current one. It is there that they are given comfort and love, and experience the truth of who they are.
In this journey they also learn more about what has happened to them and why they chose to leave. It is then that they are given a choice of remaining in the realm of spirit and learning more. They are given the freedom to access different areas of learning.
At the end of this they are given the choice to return if need be to learn more.
It is always a great sacrifice to leave the spirit world and to incarnate. For this is a great difficulty of the spirit melding with the human form.

Q: When the soul passes over what happens to the personality?

The soul is made up of many different parts. It has many things to learn.
The personality is still attached to the soul when it dies, for it cannot shake off all its personality. However, the personality was part of the incarnation, it does not belong the essence of the soul.
Once the soul has come to a level of understanding the personality diminishes and becomes insignificant in relation to the soul's essence.
The soul then has the opportunity to review all it has learned and make up it's mind to continue in the learning halls or incarnate for more of the earthly experience.
The personality is a great attachment and is therefore part of the human relic, however it does remain somewhat as a shadow, but eventually it disappears from the soul’s essence.

Q: How is the next lifetime chosen?

The next lifetime is chosen according to the experience the soul would like to encounter.
For example, if there is a learning to be had in relationships and the soul’s previous incarnation was one of turmoil in relationships it will then ask to experience a greater understanding, to bring more subtlety and harmony in relationships.
If it was experiencing pain previously it will ask to understand the nature of pain in the next lifetime. Perhaps by bringing about an educational mindset such as that of a healer or doctor or some system of pain relief that may allow for more understanding.
These things are all part of the progress of the soul.
The soul can also experience the same lesson but in a different form, if it so desires.
There are no limitations as to what may occur. It may also acquire a different understanding of its own existence in the halls of learning and may want to experience the opposite in the earth plane.

Not every soul has the opportunity to experience life on earth, for it is a great sacrifice to do so. There are many implications in having to experience life in the earth plane.
It is such a thick and heavy dimension whereas the soul is so light and ethereal it is as though rock meets air. The two don’t often blend.
Sometimes the mind is also instilled with energy to understand and to learn, and that is why the questions arise of who am I, why am I here, for this is the intellect asking these questions.
The soul is experiential, it does not always understand - it needs to feel, it needs to experience.
The mind has a greater learning capacity, it needs to understand what is going on mentally or intellectually in order to grasp the meaning.
The form of love is the only form that exists without any boundaries.
When the soul has accomplished its learning it then decides to leave and acquire new knowledge in the presence of other spiritual beings.
Also from the other realm it is given the opportunity to help those in the earth plane gain more knowledge and understanding.


Q: Can you talk about enlightenment in practical terms?

Enlightenment is to be able to be in the light, to have awareness.
If you are open to being enlightened you need to be prepared to see that which is, rather than cloud your judgment with various obstacles such as being analytical, judgmental, not being able to accept. All these things are the opposite of enlightenment.
Enlightenment is to be light, being able to be free, not having restrictions.
To be enlightened means that you are one with the light, to be one with God, to have no distinction of I. To have a total acceptance of everything, to be one with all things.
You cannot have enlightenment and have a continual dialogue or discourse in which all things are analyzed and broken up and dissected.
This is the difference between mind and enlightenment. The mind likes to categorize and put things into little boxes with labels.

It is funny to see what happens from our perspective because we enjoy sometimes what you as humans do. You seem to run around in circles just like a dog trying to chase its tail, not understanding what you have been doing.
Enlightenment is a sense of being, not a sense of having, or a sense of possessing it. You just are and you do not really need an explanation.
Once you achieve enlightenment you can then be free of that which is the body.
Some are already enlightened in body form but they have achieved much of their enlightenment through perseverance, study and the ability to detach from human needs and human apprehensions and fears.
There is no fear in enlightenment; there is only joy, bliss and freedom.

Q: Is it an energetic phenomenon or is it just a matter of subduing the mind? How to proceed?

It takes practice and it takes dedication, it is not just turning up one day and you are e nlightened, there is a procedure.
You may come into this world with prearranged karmic patterns but you can grow into an enlightened being.
Enlightenment also means knowing more of, having wisdom. True enlightenment is being one with all things, all events. It is not that you can just disrobe yourself of the human form and then become enlightened.
Even those who pass through death do not all become enlightened. It is a matter of acquiring such. Your Buddha is and was an enlightened being, your Christ was an enlightened being, but it took a lot of inner strength and inner work to be such as one of them.
You can have enlightenment but you cannot have enlightenment with materialistic intent because they do not go hand in hand.
Materialism on the one hand is an acquiring of wealth and of possessions. Enlightenment is a disrobing from oneself of these things and being in the presence of spirit, in the presence of the light, in the presence of joy and of bliss. It is a knowing that one needs nothing more in order to survive. That one is properly taken care of through this enlightenment.
Many in this realm are enlightened, we also have those who are preparing for enlightenment. It is not that one just becomes enlightened at death, one can achieve some enlightenment in life but one has to be in total abiding with such.
If you are in total communication with yourself and with your spirituality, you are continuing on the road to enlightenment.
You also need to have strength of character and to understand that you are a being and a human and it is important that you give these their respective due.
If you are a human being, you have also needs that have to be met in order to survive. Until you are able to disrobe yourself of these needs you cannot totally become enlightened. Yes you can reach a certain level of enlightenment but you cannot totally be enlightened.
For some of you it is easier as a result of lifetimes where you have achieved enlightenment on different levels - because there are levels of enlightenment.
Do not think that you are not able to achieve these things, but it requires dedication and focus and being able to be committed to the work of enlightenment.
To be in this world is very difficult for it is a difficult dimension for the soul, but it is a true way of expressing that which is the light of the world, of beingness.
If you focus on the intention in your heart, if you focus on what is your truth, you are also focusing on enlightenment for your truth enlightens you and in turn enlightens others.
But you cannot dictate your enlightenment onto others, it is your own. You may speak your truth but not all will listen. Therefore you must be prepared to share your understanding but be free of judgment and what others may think.
This too is where your true calling is. If you take on that which is in your heart that which is your truth you become less disturbed by that which is around you and more in sync with what is your spiritual calling.
If you have faith in what you believe, if you have faith in what is, then you can achieve many great things.
It is up to each individual to understand that which is their truth.
Many will say to look into your heart, and this is true for the heart cannot lie, it tells the truth. It tells that which is but you all listen to that which is in your mind, in your head, for you like to act logically rather than from the heart.
In the heart resides all that is, the key, there you will find the answers to many of your questions. For the more open your heart the more you express the essence of who you are.
It is that which beats within you, it is that which is like the motor of your being.
It tells no lies, and if you tell a lie you will feel that within your heart.
You will feel in another when they tell a lie for you will see a disturbance within them. It may be subtle but it will be there.
Trust that which is in your own heart, trust that to be your enlightenment, to be your wisdom.
If you want to reach true enlightenment follow that which is your heart and you will belong to no other but to yourself.

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